Kim Si-woo’s wife Oh Ji-hyeon “Now I’ll focus on helping my family rather than golf”

Oh Ji-hyeon, the wife of Kim Si-woo, who won a come-from-behind victory at the US PGA Tour Sony Open and achieved 4 wins in total, said, “Now, I intend to work hard as a professional wife of Kim Si-woo rather than a golf player.”

Oh Ji-hyun, a star with a career record of 7 victories on the Korean women’s professional golf, KLPGA tour, watched her husband win on the field in December of last year, just a month after she married Kim Si-woo.

Oh Ji-hyun, who followed the course and cheered for Kim Si-woo, said in an interview with her husband Si-woo Kim after the game, “I was more nervous and nervous than playing when I was a player.” It happened,” he said.

Oh Ji-hyun, who also entrusted bride-to-be Kim Si-woo as a temporary caddy at the KLPGA Tour SK Networks Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic held at the Pinx Golf Course in Jeju Island last October, helped her husband win the championship this time a month after her marriage.

Oh Ji-hyun said, “It’s the seventh time we’ve come to the tournament together, and I’m even happier because it’s our first win after marriage.” The 먹튀검증

two moved to Dallas, USA, to rest, and arrived in Hawaii last week to compete in this tournament.

Siwoo Kim He also said, “I came here with my wife as a honeymoon,” and added, “It’s my first win after marriage, and it’s even better to win while spending time together in Hawaii.

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Then Oh Ji-hyun said, “We plan to go to all competitions together in the future.”

She also hinted at the idea of ​​ending her career as a player, saying, “Now she intends to work hard as Siwoo Kim’s professional wife rather than as a golf player.”

Kim Si-woo said, “I didn’t know that the championship would come so quickly,” and said, “There are many games left in the season, so if you work hard, you will find 2 wins.”

Kim Si-woo, who has already won 4 PGA Tour victories at the age of 28, said, “It is an honor and a good sign to win the tournament where senior Choi Kyung-ju, who has won 8 victories on the PGA Tour, won.” I want to do a lot,” he said.

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