Kim Mok-kyung lowered her head, “I’m sorry to the fans”

DRX coach Kim Mok-kyung bowed his head at the team’s repeated sluggishness.

DRX lost 1-2 to Liv Sandbox in the 4th week of the 2023 ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring season regular league held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 10th. 1 win and 6 losses (-6), stayed in 8th place. It was only 1 point from 9th place Kwangdong Freecs and 3 points from 10th place Nongshim Red Force.

Responding to an interview after the game, manager Kim took the microphone with a darker expression than before. He said, “I lost because the overall performance itself was not good. There are various reasons for defeat, so it is difficult to pinpoint one.” “There are many areas to improve overall. It was a game that was very disappointing.”

In the 3rd set on this day, he also revealed the reason why he brought Nami with the 2nd pick after seeing the opponent’s Lucian 1st pick. Director Kim said, “I thought that when I used Lucian alone, I lost a lot of strength. While there are enough long-distance dealers to use with Nami, Lucian thought that destructive power would not come out (as much as Lucian and Nami) when used with other supporters, so I took away (Nami). 스포츠토토

” It is DRX that is reaping. Coach Kim blamed his team’s sluggishness on himself first. He said, “I think the value of the team players is a good enough team,” he said. I think it’s because I’m lacking,” he said.

However, it is also a problem that the opinions of the players still do not come together as one.” Director Kim said, “We have narrowed it down a lot now, but we still have different thoughts within the game. The biggest thing is that (opinions) are not narrowed down to one in the communication process and do not melt into play.”

He cited the 3rd set as an example. According to coach Kim, DRX took a long look at the game and formed a ban-pick. He said, “There was talk that if you use Nami’s buff on LeBlanc to maximize your poking ability in the second half and slowly look at the game, you will be able to win.” Each other’s thoughts were different, and there were points that collapsed on their own. The part where I get impatient in the 3rd set is a weak point, so I need to make up for it,” he explained.

To make matters worse, the next opponent for DRX, who has a busy road to go, is the league’s co-leader, T1. Coach Kim said, “I feel sorry for the fans because I think I lost a lot of games that I should have won,” and “T1 is considered a relatively strong team, but I will prepare well. I will come back in a much better shape than today’s game.”

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