KIA A man explodes in anger… Twice sudden acceleration, did Kim Dong-heon really put his arm in?

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk was unusually angry with the referee twice. It was unusual for director Kim, who has a gentle personality.

Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 15th. It was the bottom of the 3rd inning with KIA trailing 1-5. Kim Dong-heon was at bat in a situation where there was no runner in the first company. KIA starting pitcher Yoon Young-cheol threw a 137km fastball with 5 pitches at the ball count 2B2S, and it hit Kim Dong-heon near his arm. It appeared to be his elbow guard.

The referee ruled it an initial foul, then withheld it again. SPOTV commentator Min Hoon-gi, who relayed the game, estimated that the referees initially judged that the ball hit near the knob of Kim Dong-heon’s bat. However, in the end, the referees agreed and acknowledged Kim Dong-heon’s four pitches.카지노사이트

Then KIA coach Kim Jong-guk rushed to the ground and strongly protested to referee Ham Ji-woong. For KIA, it was worth protesting because the decision was reversed. The hitter must have the intention to avoid the sand dune, and it is judged as a strike even if the hitter is hit by stepping into the course that enters the strike zone. Commissioner Min Hoon-gi explained that the KIA judged that Kim Dong-heon had raised his arm and protested. Anyway, only the person himself knows whether Kim Dong-hun really raised his arm.

Afterwards, coach Kim and head coach Jin Gap-yong protested for a long time. Veteran first base sim Na Kwang-nam and second base sim Oh Hoon-kyu came and talked with coach Kim. In the end, Kiwoom’s attack at the bottom of the third inning ended without scoring. Then, director Kim approached Ham Gu-shim again and protested.

If coach Kim’s protest had been prolonged, he could have been sent off. However, he did not lead to the exit. Anyway, the game did not go well for KIA that day. The batting line continued to have a bad trend recently, and starting pitcher Yoon Young-chul tasted bitterness in his first-team debut.

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