KBO conducts organizational reorganization for international competitiveness… Birth of the first female general manager

Since the inauguration of President Heo Gu-yeon, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), which emphasizes ‘fan first’, has carried out organizational reshuffle and promotion to strengthen league competitiveness.

With the start of 2023, KBO established an international part and a fan communication part. The international part promotes various tasks for the Korean baseball team to achieve excellent results in international competitions and to strengthen partnerships with overseas sports organizations and clubs such as the major leagues. 온라인카지노

The fan communication part plans to strengthen communication with baseball fans and make efforts to produce content that allows you to enjoy the KBO League from more diverse perspectives.

In addition, the KBO carried out organizational reorganization and promotion to be closer to fans. Among the regular personnel targets for 2023, Nam Jeong-yeon, head of the management support team, was promoted to manager. She is the first female general manager since the inception of the KBO in 1982. Manager Nam Jeong-yeon was appointed as the first female team leader in the KBO in 2018.

Along with this, Yoo Byung-seok, head of the international department, and Ha Ji-heon, head of the fan communication department, and Han Ah-reum, manager of the finance team, were promoted to deputy managers, respectively, and will lead innovative changes for fans.

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