Kang Min-goo was eliminated by 2 losses. Refence 2 wins, Round of 16, -SK World Championship

Kang Min-goo was eliminated. Kang Min-goo, who won the Welcome Savings Bank competition last month and resolved his 4 runner-up grievances, was defeated 2-3 by Jung Gyeong-seop in the 2023 SK Rent-A-Car PBA World Championship Round of 32 Group G Preliminary League 2nd Round (JTBC Studio Ilsan) held on the 4th. , 2 consecutive losses, and advancing to the round of 16 was frustrated.

Repens defeated Kim Im-kwon 3-1 and recorded two wins to confirm their advance to the round of 16.

Refence left a fight with Min-goo Kang for first place in Group G, but Min-goo Kang had already lost 2 matches, and Gyeong-seop Jung and Im-kwon Kim recorded 1 win and 1 loss, so only 1st and 2nd place remained, and the round of 16 was decided.

The remaining one spot will be occupied by the winner of Jeong Gyeong-seop and Kim Im-kwon.

Jeong Gyeong-seop won 11:6 with 2 consecutive hits in 2 innings, 5 consecutive hits in 3 innings, and 4 consecutive hits in 4 innings in 5 sets, even though he missed three times.

Jeong Gyeong-seop won the 3rd set and Kang Min-gu scored 13 consecutive hits in the 4th set, but Jeong Gyeong-seop got the victory in the last minute due to luck. 먹튀검증

Group C’s Oh Tae-Jun finished the 5-set fight and won 2 wins by defeating Kim Jong-Won 3-2. Kim Jong-won shot 8 consecutive hits in 5 sets and 3 innings and was on the verge of victory, but failed to take care of it by adding only 2 points in 5 innings, making it difficult for him to lose 2 and go to the round of 16.

Despite losing the first set by 1:15 and the third set by 3:15, Oh Tae-joon gained momentum in the last minute and won a come-from-behind victory, moving closer to the round of 16.

If Kudron beats Kim Hyun-woo, he and Kudrong will advance to the round of 16 regardless of the match.

In the Group D match, Montes, who lost in the first leg, beat Coagulation 3-1.

Montes recorded 1 win and 1 loss with Maminkam, but Maminkam had 2 losses and he had 2 wins against Kasido Costas, making it extremely unclear how to advance to the round of 16.

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