Jockey Ham Wan-sik of ‘The Gentleman of the Raceway’ won 800 victories

According to the Korean Horse Association on the 16th, jockey Ham Wan-shik, who won 799 victories in the 7 races in Seoul on the 11th, was on the verge of winning 800 victories. In the end, he won the 4th race in Seoul on Sunday, the 12th, one day after winning 799 wins, and achieved 800 victories without nine jinxes.

Jockey Ham Wan-sik, who participated in the 4th race in Seoul that day, worked closely with ‘Wonpyeong Bird’ to maintain the lead from the beginning of the race to 2nd place, and finally won a thrilling victory over the 1st place horse.

Jockey Ham Wan-shik, who debuted in 1998, has won 6324 rides, showing stable skills with a win rate of 12.7% and a double win rate of 25.6%. He also lifted the grand prize racing trophy 11 times.

True to his nickname, ‘the gentleman on the raceway’, he is also famous for his flexible development of races, which values ​​the safety of his teammates around him. As if to prove his steady efforts and courteous game manners, jockey Ham Wan-sik was named the 2015 ‘Honorary Jockey’. ‘Honorary Jockey’, one of the highest honors that can be enjoyed as a jockey, can be selected only when all qualities and qualities such as sincerity and spirit of fair play are met as well as excellent grades. 바카라

After achieving 800 victories, jockey Ham Wan-sik said, “The strategy that the trainer told me to look for the front line because the horse is in good condition seems to have worked well. I was worried about 600 and 700 wins because there were nine numbers, but 800 wins went well without nine numbers, so I feel relieved.” He also thanked his family and fans for his 800 wins.

He, who is planning to debut as a teaching assistant in the second half of this year, said, “For the remaining time as a jockey, I am riding with sincerity more earnestly than usual with the mindset of hitting each one harder.”

Jockey Ham Wan-shik’s moment and impression of achieving 800 wins can be found on the Korean Racing Association’s KRBC YouTube channel.

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