“Japan is also possible” Bauer’s ‘trolling’ is this a reality… Hesitant MLB Clubs

Trevor Bauer, who was kicked out of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has now emerged as the best player to recruit for the lowest salary. However, there is a prospect that any club will not be able to recruit him easily because of Bauer’s history of accidents. Aside from his feasibility, the words Bauer said to attract attention when he was a free agent, “I want to play in Japanese professional baseball,” became a situation worth talking about again.

The Dodgers designated Bauer as transfer player (DFA) on the 7th (Korean time). American media reported this choice as a ‘severance of relations’. Bauer can find a new team through a trade or waiver claim during the week. After that, it becomes a FA by release. Through a statement on the 6th, the Dodgers judged that Bauer had a reason to be disciplined, and he declared that he would not accept him as a member of the club even if the discipline was reduced.

Bauer was embroiled in a lawsuit alleging sexual assault in June of the 2021 season when he signed a free agent contract with the Dodgers 메이저놀이터. The victim’s side claimed that Bauer used violence during their sexual intercourse, which Bauer countered was consensual. Major League Baseball issued a 324-game, two-season suspension to Bauer, the longest ever. This was reduced to 194 games in December last year, and Bauer was able to play from the opening game of this year. He will never wear a Dodgers uniform.

Based on the information revealed so far, American The Athletic reporter Ken Rosenthal said, “The Dodgers’ choice shouldn’t have been difficult,” and evaluated the DFA action as a matter of course. “Any team that wants to give Bauer a chance must shoulder all of his burdens. The Dodgers have already signed him despite Bauer’s history of inducing cyberbullying. The quality was bad,” he said.

The Washington Post of the United States predicted, “There have been cases in which players who have committed domestic violence and sexual abuse have been given a second chance before. However, there will not be many teams willing to sign them.” In addition, “Bauer insisted that there was no assault when he publicly refuted his charges. However, the conversation recorded by the police with Bauer and the accuser shows an attitude that seems to admit that he did not deny the assault.”

Bauer is a special pitcher who won the 2020 National League Cy Young Award. He is also famous as an eccentric who studies various training methods to compensate for his inferior physical abilities compared to other players. However, in terms of his personal life, he was labeled a troublemaker. Relations with his co-workers were also not smooth. He is now ‘the best player you can bring to the lowest salary’, but the future is still unclear.

The Washington Post added, “The question is whether other major league clubs will give another chance to the player who has the most ‘extreme’ in the industry. Bauer can also play in foreign countries such as Japan and Korea.”

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