‘Jang Chung-go Eagle No. 5, Brother No. 2’ gets hit in the face by the Sixth Lateral Leaf, a dizzying moment

In Jangchung-go’s five-man rotation, Yuk Sun-yeop, known as “Eagle 5 Brother No. 2,” made his presence felt on the mound in Game 1 of the Cheongryonggi.

Jang Chung-go came from behind to win 4-3 against Jungang High School in the first game of the 78th Cheongnyonggi National High School Baseball Championship and Weekend League Wangjoongwang Game at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on March 12.

Taking the mound in the top of the eighth inning after Kim Yoon-ha and Cho Dong-wook, with the team trailing 1-3, Yuk Sun-yeop showed his good form by throwing a slick pitch to the Jungang High batters.

With the bases loaded in the eighth inning, Yuk got Kim Ji-ho, the center fielder, to ground out on a full count to end the inning, but Kim Won-woo, the next batter, walked to put runners on first and second again.

A single would have tied the game. With runners on 1B and 1S, Kim Hyun-soo hit a pitch from Yuk Sun-yeop hard, and the ball went straight to the pitcher.

As Kim stuck out his glove to block the hard hit, a fastball from the pitcher hit him directly in the face. Despite the pain of being hit, Yuk remained focused and managed to catch the ball and throw to first base for the out.

It looked like he needed time. The coaching staff and medical staff came over to check on her as she hesitated in excruciating pain, but eventually had to leave the mound.스포츠토토

The next pitcher to take the mound was Jang Chung-go’s other ace, Hwang Jun-seo, who knew the pain all too well, smiled and comforted his friend before taking the mound and striking out Go In-sung with runners on second and third to end the threat.

High school friends Yuk and Hwang are the one-two punch of Jang Chung-go, a strong contender for the Cheongryonggi. The five-man rotation of Kim Yoon-ha, Cho Dong-wook, and Won Jong-hae, along with Hwang Jun-seo, has been catching the eye of scouts as the best pitching staff in the game.

Jang Chung-go scored three runs in the eighth inning to pull off a thrilling 4-3 comeback win and will face Gunsan Sangilgo in the second round.

Meanwhile, the Cheongnyonggi schedule has been rescheduled due to the ongoing rain forecast, with no games on the 14th and 15th, but will resume on the 16th.

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