It’s okay to be worried about the secondary draft… LG’s 33 pitchers, the present and future of Yoon Kyung-yeop.

Since the last camp in Arizona, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop has been focusing on strengthening the team as a whole. LG already had a set lineup of starters. However, he believes that more players are needed to stabilize the team for a full season. The goal was to win the championship, and nothing else mattered.

He tried to build a “second best” lineup and develop young beasts centered around Lee Jae-won and Son Ho-young, and whether it worked or not, he had a lot of special plans for them. But even he didn’t anticipate the gap in the team’s mound at the beginning of the season. Still, he thought there were constants, and a lot of those constants were knocked off. It was an embarrassment for Yeom, who thought he had prepared thoroughly.

The immediate starters were faced with the early-season struggles of Casey Kelly, whom they had counted on as their foreign ace. Kim Yun-sik, who was thought to be a surefire starter with his growth last year, was struggling, Lee Min-ho hadn’t come out of his shell, and the younger players who were expected to be the fifth starter were not yet ready. The most important starting staff was shaky.

The bullpen was even worse. Go Woo-seok, Jung Woo-young, and Lee Jung-yong, who were the team’s best relievers last year, struggled from the start of the season. The bullpen is difficult to calculate because the players who protected the team’s 7th-9th inning leads were not one by one, but in groups. This was made worse by the lack of innings pitched by the starters.

This is where Yeom makes some of the decisions that have saved LG this season. He sent Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho down to the second team. “I knew that no matter what we did in the first half, we were going to need these guys in the second half. I wanted to give them a long look and get them ready. I played a surprise card by starting Lee Jung-yong instead of Lim Chan-gyu after his first-half struggles.

The switch to Lee Jung-yong wasn’t an easy one to make, as he had been performing so well in the must-win group. It wasn’t like he had an outstanding starting career in the pros. It was a huge switch of ideas. Some say it was possible because Coach Yeom, who came from the outside, didn’t have any preconceived notions.

In the bullpen, we experimented with a bunch of guys that we had prepared and it paid off. We didn’t hesitate and used them boldly. In the absence of the top three relievers, new players such as Yoo Young-chan, Baek Seung-hyun, and Park Myung-geun stepped up to the plate. With Go Woo-seok and Jung Woo-young still struggling to find their form, the LG bullpen was the most crucial factor that kept them afloat.

As a result, LG has a total of 32 players who have faced at least one batter in the first team this season. Virtually every pitcher on the roster has come up and pitched, minus those on the disabled list, those in the military, and rookies who haven’t seen much second base action yet. Son Ju-young, who was announced as the starter for Game 2 of the doubleheader on September 9, will be LG’s 33rd pitcher this season. Some have even suggested that the LG mound should be targeted in the resurgent second round of the draft. That’s because there were a lot of good pitchers, even if they weren’t first-team regulars.

“In the end, the resources we have now were created by using them. We’ve used a lot of different pitchers, and we’re a little more distributed than other teams. “In the end, using a variety of players created the environment where we can use multiple players instead of just one or two,” he said, “and that’s how we developed Baek Seung-hyun, Yoo Young-chan, and Park Myung-geun. If you don’t challenge yourself, you don’t have anything. You have to have diversity at the beginning of the season so that you can relax later in the season. That’s what I was thinking about while coaching. “It’s effective to use a variety of players, even if they fail a little bit, because there’s a little bit of leeway in the beginning.

Yeom is also glad for the process. “If we had stuck with Kim Yun-sik and Lee Min-ho, and if the bullpen had continued to believe that Jung Woo-young and Lee Jung-yong did well last year and will do well this year, we would have had nothing. We would be in fourth or fifth place right now,” he said, emphasizing the need for continued preparation.스포츠토토

Overall, the results were good, so it’s also a building block for the future. In any case, Yeom believes that in order for the team to do what they want in the postseason, Go Woo-seok and Jung Woo-young need to come back to life. If they do, they can have a great synergy with the players who pitched well this year. An elimination game is possible. This performance will carry over to next year. Next year, we can start with a more stable power, and if the same variables come, it will be a little easier to deal with because we have the players we made this year. There are many aspects of Yeom’s season that will be analyzed after the season is over, but he will certainly be judged on his handling of mound crises.

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