It’s better than Tottenham… Newcastle, who only spent ’96 billion’ and built a defense with the minimum loss

There is a team that only spends 62.8 million pounds (approximately 96 billion won) and builds the league’s smallest defense. It is Newcastle United, the team of the blast.

From the second half of last season, Newcastle’s blast was fierce. Newcastle, which started to reinforce its power with the power of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, made expectations for the next season by recruiting Kieran Trippier, Chris Wood, and Bruno Gimarangis.

And director Eddie Howe’s resourcefulness also stood out. Newcastle, led by Howe, emphasizes pattern organization in attack, systematic build-up, and active pressure, and is performing impressively this season.

The status has definitely changed. Newcastle are currently in 4th place with 41 points to qualify for the Champions League, ahead of Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool, who have not spared their investment.

The defense in particular is impressive. Newcastle is currently recording 10 wins, 11 draws and 1 loss while playing 22 league games, and Newcastle is the team with the least defeat this season. Here, they are recording the fewest runs in the league with 35 points and 13 runs.

The cost of building an impressive defense is £62.8 million. It’s actually the cost of bringing in a good defender. ‘ESPN’ was amazed, saying, “Newcastle didn’t spend even £65m to build a defense that is recording the fewest goals this season.” 먹튀검증

The defense alone is the best in the league. Newcastle, defended by Dan Byrne, Kieran Trippier, Sven Botman and Fabian Cher, has become a team that is not easy to lose after conceding only 13 points. Arsenal, who is leading the way, is in second place with 18 goals, followed by Manchester City (21), Chelsea (22), West Ham (27), Brighton (28), Manchester United (28), Liverpool (28), etc. are ahead Tottenham, who fell into sluggishness, is at the bottom with 31 goals.

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