It is worse than the team right before disbanding in 1999… Hanwha team batting average .214, worst batting average in KBO 42 years

 The Hanwha batting line has turned into an all-time great water bat. In the 42-year history of the KBO League, there has never been a batting line so bad. 

Hanwha lost 0-3 against Doosan in Jamsil on the 2nd. He suffered a 0-3 defeat with 5 hits and no score, including a no-hitter blocked by Doosan starter Raul Alcantara until 1 out in the 6th inning. With 6 out of 25 games this year and a scoreless loss, the batting line slump has reached a serious level.

As of the 2nd, Hanwha is 10th in the league in team batting average (.214), home runs (9), on-base percentage (.300), slugging percentage (.283), and OPS (.583). Averaged 3.24 points per game. His pitching ability is not too bad with a team ERA of 7th (4.29), but his bat did not explode and he suffered 6 consecutive losses. The season record was also 6 wins, 18 losses, 1 draw, and the win rate fell to 2.5. 10th place behind 9th place KT by 3 games. 

Chae Eun-seong (.306) and Roh Si-hwan (.316), who were recruited as free agents, are struggling with batting averages in the 30% range, but the rest of the batters are not exceeding 205.00. Moon Hyun-bin (.232), Lee Won-seok (.224), Choi Jae-hoon (.214), Jeong Eun-won (.209), Kim In-hwan (.205), Noh Soo-gwang (.203), Kim Tae-yeon (.189), Park Sang-eon (.156), Most hitters with more than 30 at-bats, such as Oh Seon-jin (.140), Park Jeong-hyeon (.135), and Brian O’Grady (.127), are staying in the 1-20% range.

It is a batting line that only Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong need to be careful of No. 3-4. If you don’t solve it here, it’s hard to score. Chae Eun-seong, who led the batting line until the third week of the opening, slowed down to a batting average of 8.7 with 2 hits in 23 at-bats in the last 6 games, and the sluggishness of the team’s batting line is noticeable. During this period, Hanwha only scored a total of 8 points with a team batting average of 107 and an OPS of .452. 

Even in the history of the KBO League, there has never been a team with such a slump in hitting. The team’s batting average of .214 was the lowest in the 42-year history of the KBO League, exceeding Cheongbo (.219) in 1986 and OPS .583 exceeding Pacific (.595) in 1993. 

It’s even more serious when you look at wRC+ (adjusted scoring production). wRC+ is an indicator of hitter productivity that reflects the league environment, such as pitcher and ballpark characteristics, and an average of 100 is the standard. According to Statistics, a website specializing in statistics, Hanwha’s wRC+ this year is 68.2, which is the worst ever compared to 71.9 in 1999. 

In 1999, Ssangbangwool was a team that was on the verge of dissolution when its parent company went bankrupt due to the IMF crisis. It was difficult for the team to survive by selling key players such as Park Gyeong-wan, Kim Ki-tae, Kim Hyun-wook, and Cho Kyu-je through cash trades. Due to extreme financial difficulties, the situation was so poor that they had to move from one inn to another during an expedition or on a day trip. 

Even in 1999, which was the best riding and pitching season ever, there were no 300 hitters and 20 home run hitters among the eight clubs. Choi Tae-won (.239) was the only hitter in the regulation at-bat, and there were no double-digit home run hitters except for Lee Dong-su (19). Coach Seong-geun Kim’s unique mound swarm baseball was useless in front of the best water bat. In 1999, Ssangbangwool disappeared into history with a record of 28 wins, 97 losses and 1 draw, recording the second lowest win rate (.224) in KBO league history. 메이저놀이터

Hanwha’s batting line is disastrous enough to be compared to the team right before disbanding 24 years ago. It is a problem that has been accumulated for years to simply discuss the batting cycle. Hanwha’s team OPS hovered in the bottom ranks at 7-7-9-9-10-9-10 for 7 years from 2016 to last year. During this period, the batting part coach changed every year, but the result did not change. This year, at the request of Hanwha coach Carlos Subero, Kim Nam-hyung and Park Yoon-his batting coach system was maintained for the second year, and he tried to continue the direction when coaching Johnny Washington in 2021, but the results are not coming. 

It is more worrying that there are not many rebound elements to expect from other ships in the future. It’s early in the season to release O’Grady, so the market situation is not good. Among existing players, Jung Eun-won and Choi Jae-hoon can expect a rebound, but they are not long hitters who can change the team’s batting line. Choi In-ho and Cho Han-min, who will be discharged from the executive branch in June, are also promising players. If this continues, he may go beyond the double drop in 1999 and be dishonored as the worst batting line ever. /

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