“I’m so nervous” Six scoreless innings, 10-0 win, sweaty palms… Behind the scenes of Won-Tae Choi’s transfer ceremony

Choi Won-tae’s nervousness was evident on his face, even though he had won the match by 10 points. He reflected that he couldn’t let go of his nerves before the game and even after the score was up to 10.

LG’s Won-tae Choi started against Doosan in Jamsil on March 30 and pitched six innings of two-hit ball, striking out five and walking none to help his team win 10-0. With the win, LG ended July on a four-game winning streak. The final piece of the puzzle in the championship puzzle, Choi Won-tae, was given a boost with his strong performance in his first game back.

However, Choi kept repeating the word “nervous” throughout his postgame interview. He said he was so nervous from the time he pitched in the bullpen before the game that his pitches didn’t come out, and even after the score was 10-0, he felt like it was still 0-0. Still, the result was great.스포츠토토

  • It was his first start in an LG uniform.

“Yesterday, the manager told me that I could give up three or four runs, so I threw strikes while thinking about that in unfavorable counts, and I think that led to good results.”

  • Catcher Heo Do-hwan said he wasn’t feeling well when he pitched out of the bullpen.

“I’m usually not good in the bullpen. Today, it was especially bad because I was too nervous.”

  • There were some tricky pitches in the first inning, but the guys handled them well. That must have made you feel better.

“I’m the most nervous batting first, but I’m thankful that (Moon) Bo-kyung caught the fastball in the lake. There was a lot of rain today. I got a lot of luck.”

“I came here as a trade, so I’m grateful to the defense for helping me adjust well.”

  • On playing with Heo Do-hwan for the first time since the Futures League in 2015.

“He didn’t remember me, but we played together when I was in the Futures team. I threw to him like I usually throw to a catcher.”

  • He said that Heo told him, “Throw at will.

“I really threw freely, but when it was important, I followed his signature, and when I was relaxed, I threw with that mindset.”

  • He was perfect until the second inning of the fifth. Was he conscious of the record?

“I was nervous the whole time. I was nervous even though we had a big lead. So it felt like 0-0 instead of 10-0.”

  • On whether he’s naturally this nervous.

“It’s all about the first pitch, and I wanted to win, and we won yesterday to clinch the series, so I was a little bit relaxed.”

  • Did the start being pushed back a day affect your conditioning?

“The number one and two starters are going to go out on the date, and I’m just going to go out when they tell me to go out.”

  • Did you hear the LG fans on third base calling your name?

“I’m grateful, and I hope I keep doing well, but I’m worried.”

  • LG has more seniors than Kiwoom, what was that like?

“(Oh) Ji-hwan takes care of me very well, (Park) Hae-min takes care of me, (Kim) Hyun-soo takes care of me, and not to mention (Park) Dong-won. They help me a lot.”

  • Coach Yeom had high expectations. He said they could win six or seven games in the second half alone.

“I’ll just stick to my routine and throw as hard as I can.”

  • After finishing as runners-up in last year’s Korean Series, he’s looking to get back to winning ways with LG.

“First of all, I want to help them finish first in the regular season. Finishing first will be more important (than the Korean Series).”

  • Her teammates seem to be paying attention, too. Moon Bo-kyung came up to her when she shifted and told her where she was.

“I’m glad that (my teammates) really helped me win today.”

  • You ended a five-game losing streak against Doosan. Was there anything different from before?

“I don’t know about that. I’m still nervous.”

  • Is there anything different about your pitching compared to other years?

“I had two bad games in a row, so I thought it was time to throw well today.”

  • You seemed to have less velocity then, is that okay now?

“I think I’ve been training too much, and that’s why I didn’t feel good, but I adjusted and it’s fine.”

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