‘I’m about to forget the Pogba-style dab ceremony’, but Juventus won’t let it go

Juventus drew the line early, saying they would not release Paul Pogba.

Recently, reports from Italian local media have poured in that Juventus are considering terminating Pogba’s contract. It is known that he receives an annual salary of 10 million euros (approximately 13.5 billion won), but this is because the playing time this season is 0 minutes. Juventus only spends money on Pogba, who was recruited with great expectations, and has not been able to use it for even a minute.

The reason why Pogba is out of the game is because of his knee injury. He suffered a long-term injury before the start of the season and has been out of the line up to now. At the beginning of the season, it is known that he refused surgery to participate in the World Cup in Qatar, which opens in November. However, he only delayed time and eventually had to go on the operating table. Fans were disappointed as he could not participate in the World Cup and his return was delayed. Pogba, who had not played at all for six months, began to connect with the American Major League Soccer (MLS) club.

However, according to reporter Fabrizio Romano, Juventus said: “There are no plans to terminate Pogba’s contract. We deny all rumors. Pogba is still an important resource. Despite injuries, he is currently training well and we are waiting for him.” dismissed the release theory. 온라인바카라

During Pogba’s last Juventus days, he emerged as a top-notch prospect. His professional debut was at Manchester United in 2011, but he moved to Juventus after a year. At the time he had grown into a world-class midfielder. Apart from his skills, he became a hot topic with his eye-catching hairstyle, fashion, and dab ceremony. In particular, the dab ceremony was once regarded as Pogba’s trademark, and soccer fans around the world followed Pogba. Even after returning to Manchester United in 2016, the dab ceremony was popular.

It’s been hard to see Pogba’s dab ceremony lately. This is because he suffered from frequent sluggishness at Manchester United because of his uneven skills, and he had no chance to play at all this season when he returned to Juventus. Still, Juventus decided to trust Pogba. At the time of the match against Monza on the 29th of last month, he failed to participate in the game, but he began to show hope for a comeback as he sat on the bench.

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