“I will erase Park Kyung-soo’s name”… Will the determination of the man of ‘No. 27 cycling hit’ bear fruit?

“I will erase the name of Park Kyung-soo (39).”

Last year, kt had a lot of concerns about the second baseman. Last season’s batting average {0.192 (106 hits in 552 at-bats)}, on-base percentage (0.279), and slugging percentage (0.295) were the lowest in the second baseman category. The main cause is the stagnation of veteran Park Kyung-soo. He, who was the starting second baseman from the team’s founding, was sluggish and couldn’t find an appropriate card to fill the void.

It is important for kt to develop a starting player who can replace Park Kyung-soo and serve as second base for a long time. It may be the most important homework this off-season.

That will was felt from the spring camp roster. Among the 10 infielders, 6 including Park Kyung-soo, Lee Sang-ho (34), Oh Yun-seok (31), Kang Min-seong (24), Ryu Hyun-in (23), and Son Min-seok (19) are expected to compete for positions as second baseman and infield backup.

The most likely candidate is Oh Yoon-seok. When he played for the Lotte Giants in 2020, he drew attention by completing the 27th cycling hit in the history of the KBO League. After leaving his home team Lotte in the middle of the 2021 season and changing his uniform to kt, Oh Yoon-seok is adding vitality to the team with infield multiplayer.

Oh Yeon-seok’s main position is second baseman, and from the middle of the 2021 season to last season, he played 175 games as a second baseman. This was the second highest after Park Kyung-soo (218 games). Last year, he was placed on the 10-day injured list twice, but he played in 112 games, 4th among infielders in the team, and was ready to jump to the starting position.

Full of desire After the end of last season, Oh Yoon-seok attended the fan festival and said, “My goal is to achieve better results (in 2023). Now I will erase Park Kyung-soo’s name.” Like a strong aspiration, he had only one job left to do. 메이저놀이터

However, it is not a safe situation. It is true that we received many opportunities until last year, but this year, a new version unfolded. He has to overcome the competition with veteran Lee Sang-ho, who can play all positions in the infield starting from spring camp, and Ryu Hyun-in, a new college graduate who is evaluated for his immediate sense of power.

Also, although he failed to make the roster for spring camp, talented infielder Shin Bon-ki (34), Jang Jun-won (28), who is recovering from anterior and posterior cruciate ligament rupture in his right knee, and Yang Seung-hyeok (24), who finished fifth in batting average (0.341) in the Futures League last year, are among the talented players. Resources are also raising their physical condition.

Will Oh Yoon-seok’s bold resolution bear fruit? It seems that the 2023 season will be important for both individual players and teams.

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