“I want to go to Korea someday and meet my fans”

‘King’ Bobby Green (36, USA), who is active in the UFC lightweight, describes himself as a ‘fighter to the core’. After debuting in the martial arts world through the TFA stage in 2008, when he had just become an adult, he has fought 44 times since he was in his mid-30s. His record is neither very good nor bad, with 29 wins, 1 draw and 14 losses. Still, there are more than twice as many wins as losses, so it would not be unreasonable to say that he has lived his life as a fighter.

He has won by knockout 10 times (34%), submission wins 8 times (28%) and decision wins 11 times (38%). In the process, he himself has gone through all sorts of battles, such as collapsing by KO or hitting a tap after getting caught in a submission. He really is an unbearable job unless he has a lot of perseverance. Green himself explained the world of fighters with the words, ‘I had to fight countless emotional vortices every time, and despite this, I must not give up’.메이저놀이터

In any case, Green has consistently competed with strong players around the world and was able to rise to the stage of the world’s best organization, UFC, with his skills and will. He has endured from 2013 until now in the UFC, a relentless group that can not avoid the blade of the expulsion even if he hesitates even a little. There were times when he laughed at winning streaks and there were times when he cried at losing streaks, but the important thing is that he continued to survive.

Since childhood, Green’s life has not been smooth. The area where he was born was a crime zone, his father was imprisoned for a crime, and his mother was also drug addicted and could not afford to take care of his child. For that reason, he was raised by his grandmother, but to make matters worse, his grandmother passed away at an early age in his early 50s. Green moved from one foster home to another before he moved in with a friend of his who was a wrestling teammate.

Green’s sad family story did not end there. Even as Greene dried up, his brother lived a gang life. One day, while fishing with his father and uncle, he was shot and killed by a criminal. I want to do it like this even if I try, but Green didn’t give up like always. He pushed himself hard and fought against fighters from all over the world to rise to the top. He currently has a father-son relationship with coach Benny Jacob, with whom he had a good relationship during his playing career.

In the power interview, ‘UFC Fight Night: Pavlovic vs. We met Green, who booked a lightweight match against Jared Gordon at the ‘Blaze’ tournament, to hear his outlook on life and his fighting philosophy. The interview was conducted with the help of ‘UFC Korea Media Communication’. 

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