Hyun-jin Ryu adjusts to ‘108km curve’…extends winning streak to 3 games

Toronto’s Hyun-jin Ryu has won three straight games thanks to another super slow curveball. He broke the record for the fastest curveball by a big league starter this season, and he’s been tormenting opposing hitters.

Lee Sung-hoon is a reporter.

The ridiculously slow curveball that has been Hyun-jin Ryu’s primary weapon since returning from injury got even slower today (Nov. 27) against Cleveland.

He averaged 108.4 miles per hour, two miles per hour less than the record for lowest curveball velocity by a big league starter this season that he set on April 20.

Opposing hitters were powerless against a ball that was so slow, it was a rarity in the “fastball era” of the major leagues.

Ryu, who had struck out five batters without issuing a walk and allowed just two runs on two solo homers with his accurate changeup, left the mound in a no-out bases-loaded jam in the sixth inning with his team leading 5-2, thanks to back-to-back fielding errors.온라인바카

The bullpen allowed just one more run to preserve the 8-3 victory, giving Ryu the win.

Ryu, who has won three straight, led the team to escape a three-game losing streak and reclaimed the ace role for Toronto, which is in a tight postseason race upon his return from injury.

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