How did a Real Legend… Release in Greece after half a year ‘Humiliation’

‘Legend’ Marcelo (35), who has won 25 major tournaments while playing 16 seasons in Real Madrid, has become an ‘independent’. It has been only six months since he signed a contract with Olympiacos (Greece) in September of last year.

According to local reports such as Marca, Spain on the 18th (Korean time), Marcelo will terminate his contract with Olympiacos and move to Madrid, Spain, to focus on injury treatment. His home team, Real Madrid, will help with his treatment.

He has been on a bittersweet path ever since he ended his association with Real Madrid. He hasn’t found a new club for a long time since his contract with Real Madrid expired last summer. However, he seldom found a new destination, and even the possibility of his retirement was raised.

The destination he managed to find was Olympiacos, Greece. The Real Madrid legend’s trip to Greece left a lot of regret for fans at the time, but Marcelo continued his European career in the Greek league after much thought.

However, he did not have a good chance at Olympiacos either. He spent more time concentrating on his rehabilitation than he was on the pitch as he was hampered by his injury. His record of appearances in the Greek Super League this season is just 5 substitute appearances and just 92 minutes of appearances.

Eventually, the Olympiacos club and Marcelo agreed to terminate the contract midway. It is, in effect, a ‘release’. The Real Madrid legend, who had managed to find a destination in the crisis of retirement, lost his team in just half a year. 토토사이트

The future destination has not yet been specifically announced, but there is a prospect that he may continue his career in the Middle East with Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr).

Spain Lelebo added, “Marcelo has currently been offered an overseas team, and is known to be satisfied with the offer for economic and sporting reasons.”

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