‘Hanwha New Baseball Stadium’ construction starts next month… Scheduled to open in 2025

Construction of ‘Daejeon Baseball Dream Park’, a new baseball stadium for the Hanwha Eagles, will begin in February.

On the 5th, the Daejeon Metropolitan City completed the demolition of the Daejeon Herbal Sports Complex, the site of the new baseball stadium. As a result, it was possible to proceed with the construction of the baseball field, which was originally planned, without a hitch.

Previously, in June of last year, the Hanwha club said, “We will build a baseball field with excellent cultural facilities and viewing convenience.” In addition, the baseball field was conceived in an asymmetrical shape to provide the best conditions for watching baseball. 온라인바카라

At the time, Daejeon City also released a bird’s-eye view, saying, “We decided to reflect the Hanwha club’s ideas as far as possible in the basic design.”

An 8m high monster wall will be built in the outfield. This is a structure reminiscent of the Green Monster in Fanway Park of the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball, and is expected to present various baseball field designs to fans.

Also, on the evening of the 10th, according to the Hanwha club’s social media, “Daejeon Baseball Dream Park will be built with a total of 157.9 billion won, 2 floors below ground and 4 floors above ground, with 20,607 seats.”

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