Gyeonggi wrestling “I’m alive!”… ‘Hope song’ for boys’ best performance in recent history

Gyeonggi-do wrestling posted its best performance in recent memory at the 52nd National Youth Sports Games, signaling an end to the ‘Dreamer’s Sandpit’ slump.

Gyeonggi-do won five of the seven weight classes (one gold, two silver and two bronze) in the secondary division at the Ulju County Gymnasium in Ulsan on Monday. The ‘older brothers’ made up for the disappointment of winning only one bronze medal in the primary division the day before.

Gyeonggi Province, which has recently been raising concerns due to the weakening of the elementary and middle school divisions, affecting the performance of the high school division at the national championships and various national competitions, was different at the Ulsan Boys’ Championships.

On the second day of the tournament, Gyeonggi Province, which had been worried about its performance in the elementary school division, where Kim Dong-ho (Ansan Maehwa Cho) won only one bronze medal, gave hope by performing unexpectedly well in the secondary school division on the 29th.

The Gyeonggi-do secondary team lived up to expectations in the final of the day’s heaviest weight class, the jangsa class, as “Future Cheonha Jangsa” Jeong Sun-woo (Baekamjung, Yongin) won the gold medal after Chosun Ho (Shinear, Gyeongnam) won the gold two years ago in the primary class. With his fourth title of the season, he proved to be the strongest in his weight class despite being a sophomore.

In addition, Hong Gun-hoo (Ansan G Sports Club), an up-and-comer in the Yongjang class, and Shim Kyu-bin (Seongnam Yatap Middle School), the “Wrestle 2” in the history class, made it to the finals after performing above expectations, but lost 0-2 to Ko Hae-sung (Gurye Middle School) and Seo Geum-gwang (Masan Middle School). Hwang Kwon-ho (Major General) and Oh Ji-ho (Warrior) also lost in the quarterfinals and finished tied for third place.Although they only won one gold medal, they still managed to qualify for the medal round of the secondary five weight classes.메이저놀이터

Hong Sung-tae, secretary general of the Gyeonggi-do Wrestling Association, said, “Contrary to our initial expectations, the secondary school athletes did very well today. Although we only won one weight class, we are satisfied with the best performance in the recent boys’ championships and saw the potential.” “I think it is the result of the deep interest and support of Chairman Park Ok-rae (Head of Competition Sales, NH Bank) and the efforts of the athletes and coaches,” he said.

He continued, “If we expand the base of elementary schools and hold evaluation games in the fall and select talented athletes for two joint winter training sessions, we will be able to regain the reputation of Gyeonggi wrestling that we have lost. I am satisfied with the results of this tournament as I saw the potential.”

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