“Grip strength is constant throughout the swing”

What Swing Coach Lee Kyung-hoon considers most important is the grip. Among them, a special meaning is placed on maintaining a constant grip strength. The reason is simple. This is because the inconsistency decreases when the power entering both hands is different. Not only this. As the probability of hitting hits is lowered, coach Lee emphasizes to his students that they must keep the power in both hands constant.

Coach Lee explained, “It doesn’t matter whether you hold the grip lightly or tightly. The important thing is to keep the grip strength of both hands holding the grip constant.” 카지노

Back and topping, which are the most common mistakes made by amateur golfers, are also caused by grip strength that changes during the swing process. Coach Lee said, “Generally, there are many amateur golfers who hold the grip lightly at address and give strength to both hands with the thought of hitting the ball hard at the moment of impact.” In order to reduce topping, etc., the strength of both hands must be kept constant.”

Kim Min-kyu (22), the winner of last year’s Kolon Korea Open, is one of the professional golfers who care about grip strength. Kim Min-kyu said, “I had a bad habit of straining my hands in the process of transitioning from address to backswing, thinking that I had to hit softly.” One of the driving forces that allowed me to get to the top was holding the grip with a certain amount of strength.” Coach Lee explained that the same applies to 14 clubs, including drivers and irons. He said, “The power of both hands should not change when playing wedge shots within 100m and on the green.”

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