Goodbye to SNS that only sweared ‘the agent helped’… Actually ghostwriting?

Saying goodbye to SNS that only produced negative results. An agent helped write it.

The winter transfer market where many players moved. Arsenal also put a lot of effort into reinforcing the midfield. Although Granit Xaka, Thomas Party, and Martin Odegard were in good health, they did not have adequate backup resources. Recruitment was inevitable as the possibility of injury to the party increased as the season progressed.

There was a candidate. Brighton’s ‘core’ was Moises Caicedo. Although he is a 22-year-old young player, he has established himself as a high-level midfielder in the English Premier League (EPL). He plays a box-to-box role and shows great influence in the offense and defense along with his vigorous activity. It was an invaluable resource for Arsenal, who wanted to add weight to the midfield.

There was a scouting competition with Chelsea. Chelsea also needed replacements for N’Golo Kante and Jorginho, and were looking for Caicedo in a situation where the signing of Enzo Fernandez also failed. However, Brighton’s high-demand transfer fee forced Chelsea to back out. Even so, Arsenal maintained an active stance. Despite repeated refusals, the third offer was considered. 온라인카지노

But it wasn’t easy. Brighton remained ‘not for sale’ until the end. In a situation where the opinions between the two clubs were not narrowed down, Caicedo acted ‘surprisingly’. He, who wanted to transfer to Arsenal, said goodbye to the club through social media. He said on the 28th of last month (Korean time), “I am grateful to Brighton for giving me the opportunity to come to the EPL and I feel that I have always done my best. I am proud to be able to bring a record transfer fee for Brighton. Fans will tell me why I am given this great opportunity. I hope you can understand whether you want to catch ,” he said, de facto transfer declaration.

This led to great waves. Brighton fans criticized Caicedo and many football officials also expressed regret for his hasty action. Even ‘national teammate’ Ener Valencia said: “If I had talked to him, he would have told me not to post on social media.”

As a result, since the transfer to Arsenal also failed, Caicedo’s actions left only ‘negative’ results. But later, his agent, Manuel Sierra, spoke up about it. British media ‘Football London’ excerpted the contents of an interview with Argentine media ‘Ole’.

What was revealed was new. Kaicedo’s SNS post was written with the help of an agent. Sierra said: “We helped draft the statement. In it, Caicedo expressed his wishes. He also thanked Brighton for making his dream of entering the Premier League come true.”

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