Freeman on pace for first 60+ doubles in 87 years…MLB record is 67 by Earl Webb in 1931.

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman is on pace to break the single-season record of 60 doubles in 87 years.

According to Baseball Reference (BR), Freeman has 50 doubles in 522 at-bats as of Sept. 30. That’s a double every 10.44 at-bats.

The Dodgers have 30 games left in the regular season as of the 31st. If Freeman plays every game and averages four at-bats, he will have 10 more doubles in 120 at-bats to reach 60 for the season.

According to BR, the player with the most doubles in a single season in major league history is Earl Webb, who hit 67 doubles in 589 at-bats for the Boston Red Sox in 1931. That’s a double every 8.79 at-bats.온라인바카

The last players to hit more than 60 doubles in a season were St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Joe Medwick and Detroit Tigers second baseman Charlie Gehringer in 1936.

Freeman is batting .337 with 24 home runs this season.

Fans are watching closely to see if Freeman can break the 87-year waiting list.

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