‘First to 30 wins’ Tampa Bay, 158km Fireballer major injury bad news “I hope you avoid surgery”

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Drew Rasmussen (28) was placed on the 60-day injured list.

MLB.com, the official major league media, said on the 13th (Korean time), “Tampa Bay has placed right-handed pitcher Rasmussen on the 60-day injured list. The sad news came a day after he pitched 7 scoreless innings against the Yankees and led to an 8-2 victory.”

Rasmussen, a fastball pitcher with a maximum speed of 97.9 miles per hour (157.6 km), led Tampa Bay’s upward trend by playing an active role with an average ERA of 2.62 in 8 games (44⅔ innings) this season. Even in the last 12 game, he won a scoreless victory with 2 hits and 7 strikeouts in 7 innings. However, since he faced Glaber Torres, the last batter, he felt nerve pain in his arm. 

Tampa Bay pitching coach Kyle Snyder noticed Rasmussen’s condition was strange and asked Rasmussen how he was feeling after the inning was over. Rasmussen admitted his problems and he was replaced immediately. 

MLB.com said, “Rasmussen had already undergone two Tommy John surgeries before being drafted by Milwaukee in the 2018 draft. He believes he can avoid Tommy John surgery this time around and he said he will return after the All-Star break,” said Rasmussen. 메이저놀이터

“It’s really terrifying to suddenly get an injury like this on the day of a pretty good game,” Rasmussen said. It’s unfortunate, but this happens when you play baseball. I was predicting what would happen in the future. We hope no surgery is required. That is the current plan. Anything from the forearm to the elbow is really scary. I hope that such injuries do not come out.” 

Tampa Bay was the first to win 30, recording 30 wins and 9 losses this season. He is having the best season, but with Jeffrey Springs undergoing Tommy John surgery, and Tyler Glasnow, who is rehabilitated, injured again, and even Rasmussen are out of line, the pitching staff has suffered greatly. 

Potential pitchers to replace Rasmussen include Taj Bradley, a promising pitcher who debuted in the big leagues this year, and Cooper Criswell, who is pitching well in Triple-A.

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