Drunken trio bow out again, but only with ‘community service-fine’ punishment

Despite the humiliation of a first-round exit, baseball players Kim Kwang-hyun, Lee Yong-chan, and Chung Chul-won were fined and given community service for drinking alcohol during the WBC.
The reason given was that they “damaged their dignity as national team members,” but some say the punishment is low considering they could have been suspended.
Choi Hyung-kyu is a reporter.

Appearing before the punishment committee in black suits, Kim Kwang-hyun, Lee Yong-chan, and Chung Cheol-won bowed their heads and apologized once again for the first time in six days.

▶ Interview: Kim Kwang-hyun / SSG Landers Pitcher

  • “I told the truth without lying, and I will accept the outcome of the penalty committee.”

The KBO conducted a full investigation of the players, including their credit card details and bar owners, and found that Kim Kwang-hyun went to the bar twice on March 7 and 11, and Lee Yong-chan and Jung Chul-won went once on March 11.

Based on the investigation, Kim Kwang-hyun was sentenced to 80 hours of community service and a fine of 5 million won, and Lee Yong-chan and Jung Chul-won were sentenced to 40 hours of community service and a fine of 3 million won.

They could have been suspended, but the fact that they did not commit any criminal offenses and their attitude toward the investigation may have influenced the level of discipline.메이저놀이터

Interview(☎): Lee Kyung-ho / Head of Public Relations, KBO

  • “In the future, we will thoroughly prepare and work to prevent recurrence by further refining the national team rules.”

While the disciplinary action has put a stop to the situation, it will take a lot of hard work by all involved in baseball to get rid of the disappointment of the fans, from the WBC failure to the sexual offenses and drinking controversies.

This is Choi Hyung-kyu of MBN News.

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