‘Drunk driving’ Jonathan posted an apology through social media… “I regret it, I will accept the result”

FC Anyang striker Jonathan, who caused controversy for drunk driving, posted an apology.

In an official statement on the 3rd, the Anyang club said, “Jonatan was caught driving drunk yesterday morning. We deeply apologize for causing concern to the Anyang club and the fans who supported and loved Jonatan. He revealed that he was caught driving. 온라인바카라

Drunk driving is a serious problem that cannot be taken lightly as it can threaten the lives of others. Therefore, punishment is inevitable. The Anyang club previously informed the Korea Professional Football Federation that Jonathan was caught driving under the influence, and announced that they plan to take appropriate disciplinary action after figuring out the exact situation.

His party, Joe Nathan, immediately posted an apology through his social media. Jonatan said, “I apologize to the Anyang officials, the players, and the fans. I regret my actions that put the team in a difficult situation.” Discipline) I will accept the result,” he admitted his mistake.

He added, “You have supported me a lot, but I’m really sorry for disappointing you. I will learn from my mistakes and try to become a more mature person.”

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