“Don’t do it if you don’t have confidence” → “If you learned from me”… A prosperous family has a reason

Changwon LG’s blast is frightening. A well-to-do family is there for a reason.

On the 1st, LG won 75-72 in an away game against SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Seoul SK in the 2022-2023 held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul.

LG, who struggled consistently from the first quarter, was dragged 16-33 in the middle of the second quarter and suffered from lethargy. However, in the last attack of the 2nd quarter, Lee Gwan-hee hit a buzzer-beater 3-point shot to seek a turnaround, and after fierce pursuit, the game was overturned at the end of the 4th quarter.

Afterwards, LG dedicated a tie, but Lee Kwan-hee, Asem Marey, Lim Dong-seop, and Yoon Won-sang piled up free throws to complete the reversal scenario. After the game, the LG players came out to the court and hugged and enjoyed the joy.

As the team struggled in the beginning of the game, coach Cho Sang-hyun tried to change the flow by breaking the opponent’s rising tempo. 

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun, whom we met after the game, said, “The players shot without confidence, so during the operation time, they strongly criticized, saying, ‘Don’t do it if you are not confident.’ I hoped the players would be alert.”

The bitter voice of the command tower changed the LG players significantly, and it became the ‘starting point’ of the reverse electrode.

Lee Gwan-hee, who exploded 20 points and became the main player in the victory, said, “I don’t think the coach said it after seeing me. I hope so (laughs)” and smiled. 온라인카지노

The victory on this day was very valuable. LG achieved its 23rd win (13 losses) and succeeded in securing second place alone. If the match was not overturned, it became a tie for second place with Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, and the ride with SK in fourth place was reduced to one game. The battle for second place almost turned into a grand marriage battle.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “The match against SK was important. I thought that if I won today, I would be able to stay in second place for a while, and if I lost, it would be a hassle. In the beginning, I expected that the opponent would come out strong and struggle, but it went as I thought.”

LG, who became the final winner, aims for the lead again. The gap with Anyang KGC is 2 games. If KGC loses an away game against Goyang Carrot on the 2nd, the ride will be reduced to 1.5 games.

Solidly united with confidence, LG will challenge Wonju DB for a 4-game winning streak at home on the 3rd. LG jumped from 7th last year to 2nd this season. Will I be able to rise to the highest place with my friends? Attention is drawn to LG’s splendid flight.

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