Discharge → full expectations → sluggishness → transfer, third uniform worn as a compensation player “opportunity, will not be missed anymore” 

“I should have done better.”

Ahn Joong-yeol (28), who wore the NC Dinos uniform as a free agent reward player, looked back on his six years at the Lotte Giants, which ended in disappointment.

Ahn Joong-yeol, who wore the uniform of the new team KT Wiz as a special nomination for the 2014 rookie draft, was traded to Lotte in the middle of the 2015 season. For Ahn Joong-yeol, who graduated from Gayacho-Gaesung Middle School-Busan High School, Lotte is a team that has nurtured his dream. However, the road to his starting competition was rough, and injuries and sluggishness continued to hold back his ankles. From 2015 to last year, Joong-Yeol Ahn’s overall performance at Lotte was a batting average of 2.18 li (139 hits in 639 at-bats) in 323 games, 12 homers and 57 RBIs, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.625, a figure that could never be satisfied. . 먹튀검증

NC chose Ahn Joong-yeol as a reward player when infielder Noh Jin-hyuk wore a Lotte uniform as a free agent. After Yang Eui-ji left for Doosan Bears, he recruited Park Se-hyuk as a free agent, but he needed a player to serve as a backup catcher. However, he did not choose Ahn Joong-yeol simply to play a backup role. NC coach Kang In-kwon expressed his anticipation, saying, “Even during his time at Lotte, he was lacking in terms of number of games and indicators, but he has excellent batting talent.

Ahn Joong-yeol said, “I received too many opportunities at Lotte. After (Kang) Min-ho left, when the catcher position was in Muju-gongsan, I don’t think I was given a chance compared to other players. I just couldn’t take advantage of that opportunity.” I received a lot of support and love from Lotte fans, but it’s the most unfortunate that I couldn’t live up to expectations.” “Competition is the same for any team. I think it’s important what I think in that competition. Looking back, I’ve been playing baseball to the top. I was more impatient because I saw an opportunity. When I couldn’t do it, I was stressed by myself, thinking, ‘Why can’t I do it?'”

The third uniform worn by the pros. There is no choice but to feel the pressure of having to win. However, Ahn Joong-yeol was rather calm and had high expectations. He laughed, saying, “During Lotte, my hometown was Busan, so I commuted to and from work, but after moving to NC (after becoming a pro), I lived alone for the first time. First of all, that’s the biggest change.” He continued, “After moving the team, I think my mind has changed a lot. I compete with (Park) Sehyuk hyung, but I don’t think it’s just a competition, I try to learn and learn again. There are parts where I feel more comfortable when I change my mind to ‘later’.”

Ahn Joong-yeol said, “Every year, I thought, ‘I want to stay in the first team for a little longer.’

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