‘Director Worldwide Van’ Tottenham, why were you stunned?

Tottenham Hotspur was hit by lightning. General manager Fabio Paratici was suddenly suspended.

Tottenham demanded an explanation from the International Football Federation (FIFA) and said they could not accept this action.

Paratici became a problem for accounting fraud committed during his Juventus days. The Italian Football Association (FIGC) issued a 30-month ban on 12 players involved, including Paratici. Since this was applied only to Italy, it did not have a big impact on Paratici, who is active in the UK. 메이저놀이터

However, on the 30th (Korean time), FIFA imposed a withdrawal. FIFA’s authoritative interpretation came out to expand the application of the punishment imposed by the FIGC to the world. Tottenham, who recently sacked their manager, are in danger of losing even the general manager.

Tottenham immediately reacted.

Tottenham said: “Today we received media reports that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has decided to extend the FIGC sanction against Paratic to the world. The club has made an urgent inquiry to FIFA. We informed him in writing that we had decided to.”

Tottenham argued that FIFA’s judgment was unfair, saying, “This review was conducted without prior notice to the parties involved. We request additional clarification on the details and background of this extension of the disciplinary action, as well as the differences from the FIGC sanctions.”

Tottenham said: “FIGC’s sanction came into effect on 20 January 2023. We were completely unaware that FIFA had made this decision based on the fact that we could appeal on 19 April 2023.” condemned the sudden announcement of

It seems that Tottenham did not anticipate FIFA’s involvement, thinking only of the appeal schedule.

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ explained that ‘Paratic’s suspension of qualification applies to all football-related activities and administration at the national and international level’. Virtually all activities related to football are prohibited.

Tottenham are facing a big deal this summer. The issue of hiring a new manager and re-signing Harry Kane was at stake. In this situation, the leader was hit with a mace.

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