Daegu EXCO held ‘Private Olympics’ KI SPORTS FESTIVAL

From the 29th to the 30th, ‘KI SPORTS FESTIVAL 2023’, the largest multi-sport event in Korea, will be held at EXCO in Daegu.

Key Sports Festival consists of competitions, expos, conferences, and side events, and is a ‘private Olympics’ sports event in which elite athletes as well as general athletes participate. The cast of Netflix’s ‘Physical 100’, which recently became a hot topic around the world, as well as creators and influencers representing the domestic sports and training fields, will participate.

In addition, martial arts YouTuber and commentator ‘Chador’ will visit the site to relay and communicate with fans. Matches that will be broadcast on YouTube, etc., can be viewed on the YouTube Chador channel.

The Key Sports Festival, which is held with the slogan of ‘Creating Culture, Sports Festival for the World,’ is a competition where martial arts, powerlifting, functional fitness, bodybuilding, parkour, martial arts tricking, and dance are conducted, and sports culture-related companies Participating expos, conferences, Miss Korea 2023 Daegu qualifiers, Descente runway, Zumba, yoga, and various other events will also be held.카지노사이트

Among the sports festival events, the ‘International 2023 Key Sports Festival Competition, KTK Martial Arts’ competition was also prepared. As for the main match, the K-1 World Max semifinals, the main title match between Seonghyun Lee, one of Asia’s best stand-up fighters, and Tom Santos, the ‘Korean Killer’, are scheduled. This match is Lee Seong-hyun’s first match in Korea in five years. In addition, a match between Jung Young-woong of Psycho Pit Bulls, a gym in Busan, and Hwang Dae-gon of Raon kickboxing was also prepared.

The Key Sports Festival expects that it will play a key role in activating the national and regional economy and allowing anyone to participate and enjoy it as a cultural content rather than a simple sports event.

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