Concentrate on strengthening flank attacks… Suwon Samsung, Accosti, and Kim Kyung-jung are also embraced

 Suwon Samsung is also embracing another side striker Kim Kyung-joong (31) following Akosti (31).

According to an official in the transfer market, Kim Kyung-joong, who became a free agent (FA), will leave his original team, FC Anyang, and wear a Suwon Samsung uniform. It is known that only details were left. Kim Kyung-joong returns to the first division stage after 3 years since the last 2020 season.

Suwon is actively stepping out in this transfer market. Last season, manager Lee Byeong-geun was appointed instead of manager Park Geon-ha, but the results were not outstanding. In the end, he finished 10th and stepped on the promotion playoff (PO) stage for the first time in the history of the club. He struggled against Anyang at the promotion PO as well. The first leg was tied 0-0, and the second leg also failed to produce a result within 90 minutes of regular time. Still, after twists and turns, part 1 remained. The front line composed of Oh Hyun-kyu and Ahn Byung-jun did not have many gaps, but they needed an attacker to make a difference on the side. Coach Lee Byung-geun also repeatedly emphasized the need for wingers. 스포츠토토

Suwon, which is going to strengthen its power ahead of the new season, had two wingers early. He has already succeeded in recruiting Akosti, a side striker who is classified as the best ‘crack’ in the second division, who played in Anyang. Akosti was the second division help king (11 assists) last season. Suwon tried to recruit Akosti ahead of last season, but it failed. Accosti’s ransom price has risen considerably due to the rise in the exchange rate, but Suwon has decided to spend a lot of money.

And side striker Kim Gyeong-jung also returns to the first division wearing a Suwon uniform. Kim Gyeong-joong played in the first division of Gangwon FC and Sangju Sangmu (now Kim Cheon Sangmu). From the 2021 season, he wore the Anyang uniform. In his last season, he recorded 6 goals and 4 assists in 25 league appearances. In the second half, he was out of power due to an injury, but returned at the PO stage. He played in both games, but didn’t show much performance.

Kim Kyung-joong has a unique rhythm, breakthrough, and determination. However, it seems that the problem of participating in the defense, which has been pointed out as his weakness, will be a challenge. Suwon is also an important factor in the amount of activity and pressure of the strikers. Contrary to recent trends, Suwon, which is re-challenging the revival of the ‘famous house’, is moving quickly in the transfer market.