Chunichi ‘King of Complete’ finally undergoes surgery to remove bone fragments in the elbow… scheduled to return in August

Chunichi Ace, who was eating a complete game, is finally on the operating table.

Japanese media such as Chunichi Sports reported on the 12th that Chunichi ace Yudai Ono (34) will undergo surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow.

With this, Chunichi will have to play the season without an ace for the time being.

Chunichi suffers from a headache due to the lack of extreme attack power. Since his opening, he has shown his worst hitting to the extent that he only scored 13 points in 9 games.메이저놀이터

Here, he had a more difficult season as he deviated from his power even to the ace.

On the 12th, Ohno was interviewed by reporters at Nagoya Stadium.

At this meeting, he revealed that he had decided to undergo surgery to remove (aka cleaning) the hyaline cartilage of his left elbow. He also strengthened his determination to return in August, the place of victory.

Ohno said he was unable to flex and straighten his left elbow after training on the 9th. He said that the affected area was swollen with water.

Ohno explained, “This time, the first symptoms came out and pitching became difficult.”

His hyaline cartilage was present about 8 years ago. The situation where he continued to pitch uneasy day by day.

He originally said he was going to have surgery after the season was over. However, the injury worsened quickly, so I did it at this time.

“He’s sorry for the team, but we’ll make sure he can go back in August,” Ohno revealed.

Ohno is the ace of Chunichi who pitched as if he were eating rice. He showed off his iron arm to the point of recording complete pitches in as many as 10 out of 20 appearances in the 2020 season.

But after that, his grades dropped dramatically. His complete game percentage has also declined significantly.

In his first appearance this season, against Yakult on the 4th (Vante Lindom Nagoya), he pitched well with 3 hits and 1 run (0 ERA) in 7 innings. It also broke his personal career of 1500 innings.

However, on the 10th, some pitchers did not appear in the designated training held at the Vantelin Dome, and the registration of the players was canceled during the day.

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