Chosun University with increased interest, only electronic display board and buzzer errors stand out more

 Chosun University shows a better game away than at home. Maybe it’s because of the buzzer sound that goes on every home game, every try according to the error of the electronic signboard.

Chosun University is at the bottom of the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League with 9 losses. This year, we are only losing. Nonetheless, nine first-year students who entered this year are actively appointed to gain experience. When they reach their senior year, Chosun University is expected to be reborn as a better force.

Even though he has no relationship with Seungri, he is receiving a lot of attention. This is because Kang Yang-hyun, director of Chosun University, appeared as the main character in the movie ‘Rebound’.

On the 9th, a confrontation was held against Kyunghee University at the Chosun University Gymnasium. After the first half of the day, Chosun University Global Humanities College cheerleading club ‘Reason’ performed two cheerleading songs.

Woo-nyeong Jang, a coach at Chosun University who has been in charge of coaching right after graduating from college, said, “This is the first time a cheerleader’s performance has been held since entering school.”

After the performance, the cheerleading teams waited until the end of the game and then took pictures with coach Kang Yang-hyun and also took pictures with the players.

Some universities also show cheerleading performances or dance club performances before games. The fact that this kind of performance was held at Chosun University means that interest in the basketball team has increased thanks to coach Kang Yang-hyun.

However, Chosun University did not have the facilities to support this heightened interest. The buzzer sounds continuously due to an error in the display board.

This is a scene that comes out every time there is a game at Chosun University. In the face-to-face match with Kyung Hee University, a buzzer sounded suddenly. When the player who was dribbling hesitated, he motioned for the game to proceed, and the referee ordered the players to continue the game.

When this scene came out two more times after that, the players regarded it as an error and continued the game.

It’s not just this day.

In the game against Korea University on March 22, the buzzer sounded for a long time, making it difficult to proceed with the game. On the 4th of last month, Dankook University and Gyeonggi were the same. It is known that even in the first home game against Hanyang University, which was not relayed, Chosun University asked for understanding from Hanyang University, saying that there was such a problem.

An error occurs in the electronic display board on the right side of the game headquarters. The game stops running out of time. At this time, the game buzzer sounds.

KBL always conducts facility inspections before a new season begins. It is to check whether electronic equipment, such as the home stadium’s display board or 24-second time clock, has no problems playing a game. It is intended to prevent failures in electronic equipment that have not been used for a long time.

Even after this inspection, errors such as electronic display boards sometimes occur during the season. This is an inevitable phenomenon when using electronic devices for a long time.

Electronic equipment is installed once and cannot be used forever. If it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

Chosun University raised an average of 58.0 points this season and allowed 89.8 points. The goal difference is -31.8 points. If you look at the difference between home and away games, the goal difference is -35.5 points (57.8-93.3) and -28.8 points (58.2-87.0).

The content of the game is worse at home rather than away.

Chosun University lost to Konkuk University on the 28th of last month with a 66-85, 19 point difference.

Konkuk University prepared for a match against Chosun University to win with as many points as possible in case three or more teams were tied at the end of the season, but failed to achieve this.메이저놀이터

Chosun University lost 56-22 in an away game against Sungkyunkwan University on the 1st, with a difference of 22 points, and seemed to create an atmosphere where it would not suffer a crushing defeat by more than 30 points.

However, in the home game against Kyung Hee University, they lost again by 38 points.

Maybe it’s because of Jeon Kwan-pang, who causes problems in every game, that Chosun University shows more concentration on the road and shows a worse game at home?

Chosun University replaced the lighting last year. The dull gym was brightly lit. Now I need to fix the light board. Otherwise, the increased attention will only further disgrace you.

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