Chelsea spent 905 billion… “There are no good strikers.”

There are still no results compared to the investment.

Chelsea drew 0-0 with Fulham in the 2022-23 season English Premier League round 22 home game held at Stamford Bridge in London, England on the 4th (hereinafter Korean time).

It was the Chelsea debut of Enzo Fernandes, who was acquired for 107 million pounds (approximately 161 billion won) in the transfer market in January. Chelsea have signed eight new players in the winter transfer window, including Enzo.

Including the transfer market last summer, the cost of recruiting skyrocketed. In less than a year after the owner changed to Todd Boelli, he spent £600m (approximately 905 billion won) on player acquisition costs alone.

But he seldom wins. Even before Fulham, Chelsea’s chronic problems were revealed. That means you can’t score goals. 카지노

Chelsea have scored 22 goals in 21 Premier League matches. Only 1 goal per game.

They have the fewest goals scored among the teams in the league’s top 10. Retired football commentator Jamie Carragher, who only played for Liverpool, appeared on the British broadcast ‘Sky Sports’ on the 4th and said, “Chelsea spent 600 million pounds to bring in a player in a position other than a striker. I don’t understand.” He pointed out that there is no good striker. The most important position was not reinforced. The advantage is immediately apparent when you watch the game.”

This is a problem that has been mentioned throughout the transfer market. Even though they need a striker to score goals due to poor scoring ability, Chelsea only reinforced a lot of players in the wrong positions, such as midfielders and defenders.

Fernandez, who was recruited at the highest transfer fee ever in the Premier League, and Mihailo Mudric, who also received a huge amount of money, are all midfield resources. They are players who are better suited to help strikers and scatter passes rather than goals.

Against Fulham, Chelsea also failed to score. With 1 goal in the last 6 games, it is impossible to win with this kind of content. The league ranking was 9th, widening a considerable gap from the top ranks.

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