Cheers for winning ‘King Menjing’, the strongest player in the country, at the Shinan National Amateur Baduk Championship

At the National Amateur Baduk Championship held for two days on the 20th and 21st in Shinan-gun, the ‘Island of Angels’, ‘King Menjing’, a team of Park Jae-dong, Baek Woon-gi, and Ahn Byeong-mo, lifted the championship cup as the nation’s strongest player. The runner-up was won by ‘Enjoyable Players’ with Kim Tae-se, Woo Jung-min and Lim Kyung-ho.

About 500 players, including amateur Go masters from all over the country, female Baduk players and future Baduk players, participated in the ‘2nd 1004 Island Sinan National Amateur Baduk Championship’ held at the Shinan County Gymnasium in Shinan County, Jeollanam-do. In addition to them, more than 300 ‘cheering squad’, including acquaintances and parents, visited the site and Shinan-gun became the venue for the baduk festival.

In particular, the Taiwan Baduk Education Development Association led a team of 30 players to enhance the level of the tournament. After the tournament, the Taiwanese team toured Shinan-gun’s attractions, including the Lee Se-dol Memorial Hall located on Bigeumdo, Shinan-gun, and the Purple Bridge. This is an example that showed that ‘sports’ Baduk can be a tourism resource. Bigeumdo is the birthplace of the world-renowned baduk star Sedol Lee, 9th Dan.

At the opening ceremony held on the afternoon of the 20th, before entering a full-fledged match, Shinan County Mayor Park Woo-ryang said, “The most important thing in modern society called the 100-year-old era is mental health. I don’t think there is anything better than baduk to protect mental health.”

Then, Zhang Zhaofen, the head of the Taiwan Baduk Education Development Association, said in a congratulatory speech, “I am very happy to be playing Baduk in Shinan-gun, a beautiful island.”

The opening ceremony was attended by Kim Jae-won, president of the Shinan-gun Athletic Association, Lee Kwang-soon, president of the Korea Women’s Baduk Federation, Gi Myeong-do, president of the Jeonnam Baduk Association, Lee Byeong-yoon, president of the Gyeongnam Baduk Association, Nam Chi-hyung, president of the International Baduk Association, Hong Si-beom, representative of Jo Chi-hun Supporters Association, and Han Cheol-kyun, referee. In addition, Sedol Lee’s older brother, Lee Sang-hun, 9th Dan, served as the chairman of the referee, and Lee Se-dol’s older sister, Lee Se-dol, 9th Dan, Ama 6th Dan, competed as a player and won the championship.메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, this tournament was hosted by the Jeonnam Baduk Association, supervised by the Jo Chi-hun Support Association, and sponsored by Shinan-gun, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the National Sports Promotion Corporation.

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