‘Ceremony craftsman’ Choi Jun-yong “Kim Ha-seong-Lee Jung-hoo additional ceremony!”

Last season’s pro basketball MVP Choi Jun-yong is drawing attention for his various ceremonies.

Choi Jun-yong cheered by showing off the ceremonies of national baseball players Kim Ha-seong and Lee Jung-hoo ahead of the WBC in March.

Reporter Kang Jae-hoon reports.


The ‘Lucky Two Dollars’ ceremony has now become a symbol of Choi Jun-yong.

The show of the ‘Ceremony Craftsman’ that delights the fans continues this season.

Choi Jun-yong, who is said to watch all the American professional baseball San Diego games, also introduced a new ceremony for his best friend, Kim Ha-seong.

[Choi Jun-yong/SK : “I saw (Kim) Ha-seong go alone in a foreign country and overcome alone, and I was impressed by how cool he was, so I wanted to follow him. 먹튀검증

” do it too.

It is Choi Jun-yong, who became the first regular season MVP last year, but also respect for Lee Jung-hoo, who became the professional baseball MVP in the same year.

[Soundbite] Choi Jun-yong/SK: “Seeing Jung-hoo and Ha-seong working hard, watching them exercise… I felt that (baseball) is more difficult than other sports, and I think everyone who succeeds has a reason.”]

Coming 3 Wol, after wearing the Taegeuk mark, he did not hesitate to support his two younger brothers, hoping to reproduce the ‘four-legged myth’ at the WBC.

[Choi Jun-yong/SK : “I want to go to the Olympics and meet the Asian Games together. I have to work hard… Fighting. Fighting!”]

‘Defending champion’ SK’s ‘spring basketball guarantee check’ Choi Jun-yong won another championship We are preparing a ceremony for .

This is Kang Jae-hoon from KBS News.

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