Canadian outfielder Kim Kwang-hyun, a fellow, hot bat… 3G batting average 0.636 OPS 1.532

Kim Kwang-hyun’s former teammate Tyler O’Neill (St. Louis Cardinals) is flying at the WBC.

Canada beat Colombia 5-0 in Group C of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on the 15th (Korean time). He shook off the pain of losing the 1-12, 7th cold game to the United States the previous day. 2 wins and 1 loss.

Starting pitcher Noah Skilow pitched well with 2 hits, 5 strikeouts and 1 walk in 5 innings. He dropped 5 innings off 58 balls. Strike threw 40. Three relief pitchers also blocked Colombia’s lineup with a total of 3 hits and no runs.오락실 토토

The batter scored 5 runs on 10 hits. The best hitter in this tournament is not the classic Freddy Freeman (LA Dodgers). Tyler O’Neill, who played as the designated hitter three times that day. O’Neill led Canada to victory on the day with 2 hits, 1 walk and 1 run in 4 at-bats. Primary position is outfielder.

He appeared as the leadoff hitter in the fourth inning and got a right-handed hit, then put up the winning run on Bo Naylor’s timely hit in the middle. In the ninth inning, when the team was ahead 2-0, he was also the lead batter and hit to the left and was replaced with a runner. In addition, leadoff Eduardo Julian (Minnesota Twins) had three hits, and Otto Lopez had two hits and three RBIs.

Canadian batting average is 0.330 with an OPS of 0.984 at the moment, having played 3 games, all in second place overall. O’Neill ranks first on the team with a batting average of 0.636 and second on the team with an OPS of 1.532. Even if it doesn’t mean much because the sample is small, it is certain that it played a large role in Canada’s early cruise.

O’Neill has a batting average of 0.251, 69 home runs, 196 RBIs, and 212 runs scored in 405 major league games, and an OPS of 0.788. Even in 2020-2021, when Kim Gwang-hyun was involved, he played in a total of 188 games.

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