Byun Jun-hyung and Spellman, who showed accurate passing and outskirts, wrote a 7-game winning streak together

Byun Jun-hyeong (186cm, G) and Omari Spellman (206cm, F) co-wrote a 7-game winning streak.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation defeated Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 95-83 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league game held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 11th and succeeded in winning 7 consecutive wins.

KGC Ginseng Corporation showed the motion offense of director Kim Sang-sik as it was by bursting with domestic players such as Byun Jun-hyung, Moon Seong-gon (195cm, F), and Oh Se-geun (200cm, C), as well as Spellman, in a tight schedule. It is impressive that he overcame the crisis and brought victory in the match.

On this day, KGC Ginseng Corporation also rode a roller coaster in the flow of the game. By the second quarter, the score was close to 52-54. In the third quarter, Gage Prim (205m, C) and Lee Woo-seok (196cm, G) of Hyundai Mobis fell behind by 57-67 and played a difficult game.

However, in the 4th quarter, Byun Jun-hyung and Spellman took the lead in KGC Ginseng Corporation. Byun Jun-hyung scored with a bold pennant and middle shot, and also made an assist to save his teammates. Spellman received a pass from Byun Jun-hyung and took the lead in the game by making two 3-pointers in the fourth quarter. The play they showed inside and outside showed exactly why KGC Ginseng Corporation is the No. 1 team.

On this day, Spellman recorded a double-double with 27 points and 14 rebounds, and Byun Jun-hyeong also played a perfect role with 18 points and 9 assists.

Those who were selected as the Distinguished Players participated in the interview, showing their closeness to each other.

First, Byun Jun-hyung said, “I think it’s fortunate. It is important to win one win against a top-ranked team, but we caught it well.”

Then, when Spellman succeeded in the 4th quarter, Byun Jun-hyung held his own ceremony. Byun Jun-hyung said, “As a point guard, I created an opportunity by pulling out the defense when a spellman came to the top. I waited for the steel to come out and gave it to Connor, but I thought Spellman would put it in, so I made a ceremony. When I gave it, it was good when I made a 3-point shot,” he explained the situation. 안전놀이터

Byun Jun-hyung conveyed his thoughts on game coordination as a guard. Byun Jun-hyung said, “We can shoot as a whole. Think about that part and space it out. When I break through, I get a chance to shoot with spacing and do things that work well with patterns, so it’s fun. When Spellman puts in 3 points, it gives strength. Today, everyone burst out together,” expressing satisfaction with the team play.

Regarding the driving force behind the team’s 7-game winning streak, Byun Jun-hyeong said, “I think it’s defense. Out of sight, (Moon) Seong-gon hyung gives him strength. Respect for rebounding, etc. i don’t think i can (Yang) Hee-jong hyung and (Oh) Se-geun hyung are not feeling well, but they try to help them win. I think that part went well and continued the winning streak.” 

Spellman also sympathized with Byun Jun-hyung’s opinion and told the story of the match to the reporters.

In his impressions of the game, Spellman said, “As a first-place team, it is difficult for all teams to come out strong to win, but every game is precious. It was effective to come together as a team and exert strength.”

On this day, Spellman changed the atmosphere of the team by scoring 10 points only in the fourth quarter. Spellman said, “First of all, my teammates found me well and gave me a pass. (Park) Ji-hoon broke through and timed the pass to the left and was able to shoot. (Byun) Junhyung passed to himself in the corner and shot for the team. He thanked his teammates,” he said, thanking his teammates.

Regarding the secret to the 7-game winning streak, Spellman said, “A variety of players contributed to our team. They came together and made a strong team. (Moon) Seong-gon is defensive, and (Yang) Hui-jong defends when it is important. It energizes the team. (Byun) Junhyung is also good at reading. Those things were able to make a variety of arsenals stronger as a team,” he explained.

Finally, Spellman said of the tight KBL schedule, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. There were 40 games in college and 82 games in the NBA. It is a normal schedule,” he concluded the interview.

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