‘Brazilian legend’ Rivaldo “Casemiro is the boss of Manchester United, the team is developing”

Rivaldo couldn’t help but admire Casemiro.

Brazilian Casemiro is a world class midfielder. He played for a long time at Real Madrid and led the golden era. He has enjoyed numerous honors, including 5 UEFA Champions League titles, 3 La Liga titles, 1 Copa del Rey title and 3 FIFA Club World Cup titles.

And ahead of this season, he decided to make a shocking transfer. He moved to Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL) for a total of £70 million, including a basic transfer fee of £60 million (approximately KRW 90.5 billion) and an add-on of £10 million (approximately KRW 15 billion). It was an unbelievable sight to challenge on a new stage.

It was also ‘Wolcle’. In the beginning of his transfer, he struggled for a while, but soon regained his skills. After increasing his playing time, he is developing fantastic breathing in midfield with Bruno Fernandes and Christian Eriksen 안전놀이터. Above all, Man United instilled a positive mentality into the team.

The team is also recovering from a slump and is on a winning streak. In the 22 matches Casemiro played (14 EPL matches, 6 Europa League matches, 2 League Cup matches), she recorded 17 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. In particular, in the EPL, it has risen to 4th place (35 points). It is 9 points behind leader Arsenal (44 points).

Director Eric Ten Haag was also very satisfied. Ten Haag said: “Thanks to Real Madrid for selling Casemiro. We needed a number 6 midfielder before the start of the season and Casemiro fills that role. We are happy to have Casemiro. You are raising the bar,” he praised.

‘Brazilian Legend’ Rivaldo also expressed surprise. According to Manchester Evening News, Rivaldo said: “Casemiro has shown his ambition by moving from a place as safe as Real Madrid to Manchester United in crisis. He has accepted a difficult challenge. At first he needed a few weeks to adapt in the Premier League. But now He is the boss of Manchester United’s midfield and helps the defense not be vulnerable.”

“Casemiro has the guts to go forward and score goals. He’s a great player with great quality and personality. United have clearly improved since Casemiro’s arrival. They are close to third in the league, and a few months ago I am dreaming of a title fight that no one expected.”

Rivaldo is a person who has left his name in football history, such as winning the Ballon d’Or, FIFA Player of the Year, and World Cup in the past. Rivaldo’s praise represents Casemiro’s greatness.

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