‘Billiard Emperor’ Bromdahl wrote his 46th legend, while Choi Sung-woo postponed his coronation

Bromdahl defeats Choi 50:44 in Ho Chi Minh City 3 Cushion World Cup 2023 final
Bromdahl overcomes stiff challenge from Choi to win 46th 3-Cushion World Cup title
Choi Sung-woo led by 18 points (25:7) before falling behind and losing his second title.
3rd place Kim Jun-tae Martin-Horn

Bromdahl wrote another legend, while Choi was unable to capitalize on his early dominance.

45:1 (3 Cushion World Cup titles), 61:26 (age).

The final between Bromdahl and Choi was a battle between a ‘living legend’ and a ‘next generation leader’, as evidenced by their careers and ages. While the Emperor of Billiards retained his crown, Choi Sung Woo had to save his “coronation” for another day.

Tovejon Bromdahl held off a stiff challenge from Choi to claim his 46th career 3-Cushion World Cup title.

Bromdahl (World No. 6, Sweden) defeated Cho Myung Woo (World No. 9, Silk Road Entity/Seoul City Hall) 50:44 (33 innings) in the final of the Ho Chi Minh City 3-Cushion World Cup 2023 at Nguyen Du Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Monday. It was his second World Cup title in about eight months after winning the World Cup 3 Cushions in Wegel in October 2022.

On the other hand, Choi Sung-woo, who was attempting to win his second World Cup title seven months after the 2022 Sharm el-Sheikh 3-Cushion World Cup, failed to capitalize on his early momentum and finished as runner-up. He was especially disappointed to lose after leading by 18 points in the first half.

At the start of the final, Cho lit up the scoreboard. While Sun-gong Bromdahl scored just three points in the first six games, Cho went on a 3-5-4-5-2-1 run to make it 20:3 after six games, a whopping 17-point lead. Bromdahl responded with three points (7th), but Choi Sung-woo added two points (7th-9th) and three points (10th) to take a 25:7 lead into the break.

In the second half, the mood of the game changed quickly. Choi Sung-woo, who had a terrific first half, went into a slump with four consecutive balls. On the other hand, Bromdahl scored 18 points with a high run of 12 (14) and quickly tied the game (15, 26:26).

From there, it was a seesaw game. Neither player was able to hit the long ball, and the game went back and forth between short and medium balls. The score was tied again at 43:43 in the 29th, but Bromdahl found his groove in the 30th, scoring 1-2-1-3 in the 29th through 32nd, and then adding one last point in the 33rd to seal the win.

Bromdahl was in great form from Group G of the Round of 32. He defeated Dion Nelyn, Tran Quiet Chien, and Bao Phuong Binh to reach the round of 16 with three wins, including a World Cup high run record of 26 consecutive runs from the first pitch against Nelyn.메이저놀이터

Bromdahl defeated Jose Mari Amas 50:19 (27 games) in the Round of 16, Heo Jung Han of South Korea 50:32 (19 games) in the Quarterfinals, and Kim Jun Tae of South Korea 50:31 (30 games) in the Final Four.

47 Korean players…9 in the main draw, 3 in the quarterfinals, and runner-up Choi Sung-woo

Korea had a total of 47 players in the tournament. Cha Myung-jong Ahn Ji-hoon Hwang Bong-joo Kim Dong-hoon Kim Dong-ryong made it through the final qualifying round (Q) and nine players, including the seeded players (Kim Hang-jik Choi Sung-woo Heo Jung-jeong Kim Jun-tae), qualified for the round of 32.

Choi, Kim, and Heo advanced to the round of 16, followed by three in the quarterfinals (Heo, Choi, and Kim) and two in the semifinals (Choi, Kim, and Heo). However, they were unable to overcome Bromdahl’s wall in the quarterfinals (Heo Jung), semifinals (Kim Jun-tae), and finals (Cho Sung-woo).

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