Big Bang in 6 days. Jon Jones vs Cyril Gane, Shevchenko-Grasso. Jones, Shevchenko Top Dog – UFC 285

On March 5th, two heavy title fights will be held. UFC 285, former lightweight champion Jon Jones’ comeback and heavyweight debut, sees Jones and ‘lazy genius’ Cyril Garne fight for the heavyweight title. The co-main event is the women’s flyweight division. Invincible Valentina Shevchenko will defend her 8th match against No. 6 Ales Grasso.

Predicted winners are Jon Jones and Shevchenko. Jones has a slight top dog of -155 to +135, but Shevchenko has an overwhelming top dog of more than plus-minus 500.

Jones is a two-time light heavyweight champion and has defended the title 11 times.

Although his hiatus of 3 years is quite long, we see him as the top dog for reasons such as bulking up and equipping high-level batting skills.

Cyril Gagne is a martial arts genius. He is the best striker and his tactics change depending on the opponent.

He is a ‘lazy genius’ who starts training only when the match is scheduled. This time too, he couldn’t train much because his schedule was finalized two months ago. 먹튀검증

However, since he was an opponent, he prepared more thoroughly than ever before. .

“We’ll see a new side of Ganet,” his coach said.

Jon Jones said we’ll see a ‘stronger Jones’. Saying that his body and skills were further strengthened, he was confident of becoming ‘the greatest heavyweight champion who has won two weight divisions’.

Shevchenko is confident of victory. He knocked down all the top rankers as he made his 7th successful defense.

Ranked 6th, Grasso is a fighter who advanced from strawweight to flyweight in 2020. He has won all of his last four matches, including defeating Korea’s Kim Ji-yeon, but Shevchenko is a tough opponent to deal with.

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