Bibongcho’s cutie Jeong Yoo-jun, “It’s not difficult even if you’re 122cm tall”

 “I don’t think that just because I’m short, I can’t play basketball. There are difficulties, but I want to overcome them.”

The 22nd Korea Basketball Association National Elementary School Basketball Championship, which opened at two locations including the Gimcheon Gymnasium from the 18th, attracted attention as the shortest player in this tournament played an active part in the South Elementary Division. The main character is Jeong Yoo-jun (122cm, G), a

freshman in Bibong Elementary School. Jeong Yoo-jun, who participated in this competition as a member of Bibong Elementary School, stood out at a glance. Compared to his older brothers, he is a handful smaller in height, but he works harder on the court than anyone else. Nubin Jeong Yoo-jun, despite his short stature, sweated hard and radiated passion on the court.,메이저놀이터

Jung Yoo-jun overcame his lack of height with momentum.,The passion to run one step higher than others brought more chances to his colleagues and Jung Yoo-jun. Could this be the fruit of these efforts? Jung Yoo-jun succeeded in scoring two goals (4 points) in a short time of 5 minutes and 47 seconds in a match against Maesancho on the first day of the final tournament on the 22nd

. Jung Yoo-jun, who heard about it, said, “I started playing basketball at the age of 6. My older brother (Jeong Jin-woo) started playing basketball first, and I naturally became interested in it following my older brother. I followed my older brother and played basketball every day, and it was fun, so I decided to play as a player myself. He talked about the reason why he started playing basketball.

Even though he lost, he met strong player Maesancho, and Jung Yu-jun showed his tenacity not to give up the game to the end even though he had difficulties with opponents who were superior to him.

Jeong Yoo-jun said, “It’s my first time participating in the tournament, and I’m happy to score the first goal in the last game. He felt better when he scored the second of two goals. He said it was more thrilling because he put it as a jump shot rather than a layup,” he said. “It seems really hard. It was even harder because I had to keep running. Still, the hyungs helped me hard, so I scored a goal and finished the game well.”

There were still more immature points, but Jeong Yoo-jun’s efforts to somehow overcome his inferiority even received applause from the officials who watched his game.

Jung Yoo-jun, who had practiced quite hard with his friends beforehand to participate in this tournament, vowed to use this tournament as an opportunity to improve his skills in the future.

Jeong Yoo-jun, who said that he is 122 cm tall, said, “I don’t think that just because I am short, I can’t play basketball. There are difficulties, but I want to overcome them. And since he’s still young, he thinks he could be tall enough. Through this tournament experience, I want to learn basketball more diligently in the future. I lost in the quarterfinals unfortunately, but I want to work harder in the future and make good memories with the hyungs.”

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