Barça ‘Great Crisis’… La Liga ‘list deleted’-ransom may be ‘1 billion euros → free’

This is the first crisis that came to Barcelona. La Liga has removed Gabi’s name from their official website.

The controversy related to Gabi dates back to September of last year. Barcelona has signed a new contract that treats Gabi, who has already risen to the core of the team since last season, as if he were in the first team. At the time, it was known that the contract stated a clause stating that ‘if Barcelona does not register Gabi as a first-team player by June 30, 2023, he can leave the team as a free agent (FA)’.

So Barcelona moved quickly. Not only did he register Gabi in the first team on the transfer market deadline this winter, he inherited Xavi Hernandez’s number 6, giving proper respect to the next ace.

However, the ‘document submission time’ got in the way. La Liga ruled that Garby could not be registered because Barcelona violated the salary cap rules. Barcelona tried to find a solution in court, and the Barcelona court issued an injunction compulsory for Garvey to register as a first-team player in La Liga.

It turns out that Barcelona submitted the documents late. Evidence presented by La Liga suggests that Barcelona submitted the documents after the transfer window deadline, and the court reversed the order previously given to La Liga. Barcelona’s appeal was also dismissed.

Larry moved quickly. The court has ruled that since March 25, Gabi must return to the youth club. La Liga immediately removed Gabi’s name from his official website. Currently, Gaby’s name cannot be found in the Barcelona section of the official La Liga website, either as a midfielder or as a striker.

Barcelona must take action. The deadline remains until June 30, but depending on your point of view, it is already possible to interpret that Barcelona did not register Garvey in the first team until June 30.

There is a possibility that even an astronomical buyout will be useless. Barcelona re-signed Gaby in September of last year and put a buyout of 1 billion euros (approximately 1,398.9 billion won). But if they can’t register Garvey with the first team, the buyout may have to send him to free agency as a piece of toilet paper.메이저놀이터

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