“Austin’s serious about baseball again” Rainy day ceremony for disappointed fans

Austin steps in for disappointed fans.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, the game between the LG Twins and SSG at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul was cancelled due to rain.

The game was delayed due to a sudden downpour of rain as players from both teams prepared to take the field.

Tarpaulins were laid out and the rain didn’t let up. The forecast was for more rain.

The fans at the stadium let out a sigh of disappointment when the message on the electronic board announced the rain cancellation.스포츠토토

In response, LG’s players put on a show for the fans. A rainy day ceremony for the first time in a long time.

Song Chan-ui, Lee Ju-hyung, Moon Sung-joo, and Moon Bo-kyung cooled off by sliding head-first from first, second, and third base to home plate to the cheers of the fans.

As Austin watched, he suddenly began to unbuckle his belt. The coaching staff warned him to be gentle to avoid injury.

Austin got into a batting stance at home, and then made a surprise bunt to get some laughs. Then, as his teammates did, he circled the bases and slid head-first into home plate, mimicking the roar he’d had after hitting a grounder in June. The fans cheered.

It was a small gift to the fans who had to leave the game due to the rainy weather.

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