“Are you conscious?” A word from a great pitcher to the rookie heir who played a ‘fight for life’

KIA Tigers Rookie Yoon Young-chul. The more you play, the more you develop at an astounding rate.

Yoon Young-chul made his 6th appearance of the season in the 5th game of the season against Samsung held at Lions Park in Daegu on the 17th. He digested 92 pitches in 5⅓ innings of starting, with 4 hits, 2 walks, 2 strikeouts and 1 run (visa book), showing the best pitching since his debut and harvesting his 2nd win (1 loss) of the season.

On the 11th, the previous appearance, he surpassed 91 pitches in 5 innings before Gwangju SSG, breaking the most innings and the most pitches in his debut at once. He threw more than half of his fastballs with a maximum velocity of 141 km, and took away the timing by mixing sliders and change-up curves.

He tied the Samsung batting line tightly by disposing of three innings up to the 5th inning. In the meantime, the other line supported and helped the youngest win.카지노사이트

Yoon Yeong-chul, who threw 82 pitches through the 5th inning, got on the mound at the end of the 6th inning with a 6-0 lead. However, Lee Jae-hyun, the leader, was driven to the crisis of 1st and 2nd base safely with consecutive hits to Pirella. He had to pay Ja-wook Koo to deal with the fly ball and pass the mound. Yang Hyeon-jong, the “great pitcher,” approached Yoon Young-cheol, who had unfortunately missed the first quality start.

what could have been said Yoon Young-cheol’s testimony revealed in an interview after the game.

“When I came down in the middle, the senior asked me, ‘Are you greedy for the quality start?’ I think I got a bit greedy because I thought something would go up again in the 6th inning. (Laughs)”

A rookie pitcher who has a lot more to learn. That’s why he is an amazing super rookie who can’t even guess how much he will grow.

In today’s valuable experience, the pitcher who has the second most wins in the KBO has raised an important topic. The day he threw his best pitch in his debut. It was a match where an unforgettable lesson was learned.

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