Ansan recruits veteran defender Kim Dae-gyeong from Incheon

Ansan Greeners recruited defender Kim Dae-kyung from Incheon United to strengthen their defense.

Ansan announced the news of Kim Dae-kyung through a press release on the 6th. Kim Dae-kyung is a veteran defender who debuted in the K-League through Suwon Samsung in 2013, and is a side defender who has been recognized for his skills on the professional stage, such as playing an active part as a key member of Incheon in 2015 and contributing to the FA Cup runner-up in 2015. 먹튀검증

Kim Dae-kyung said, “I am personally new and more excited to move to Ansan after being in the same team for a long time. I want to prepare well this season and contribute to the team with good performance.”

Regarding the recruitment of Kim Dae-kyung, Ansan said, “The advantage is the ability to create space through threatening movements with fast speed and accurate crosses. He is a multi-player who can play not only as a side defender but also as a center back. It will add weight and skill to Ansan.” Expected.

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