Another promoted team’s rebellion… Pay attention to the most goals matchup

In the early game of K-League 1 in 2023, there are no strong players or weak players.

Jeonbuk Hyundai, one of the favorites to win, crashed, and unexpected dark horses appeared. As a promoted team, Daejeon Hana Citizen, who said “the goal is to remain,” is running in third place.

Daejeon recorded 2 wins and 2 draws in 4 matches played before the A match break in March. Among the 12 teams in the first division, only three teams, including Daejeon, remain undefeated. Although it is still early in the season, it is clear that the first button of the long race has been put in well.

Daejeon is well-received for breaking preconceived notions about a promoted team beyond grades. Teams from the 2nd Division usually play defensive football in the 1st Division considering the power difference. 온라인바카라

However, Daejeon, which coach Lee Min-seong (50) took the baton, made the fans who are proud of being a ‘soccer special city’ go crazy with a hot attack.

Daejeon’s extraordinary will is quickly confirmed in the numbers. According to ‘Opta’, a sports statistics company, Daejeon boasts the highest rank in major offensive indicators in the 1st to 4th rounds. In terms of goals, the flower of soccer, Ulsan Hyundai is tied for first place with 8 goals, as well as assists (6), scoring conversion rate (20%), effective shooting ratio (20 effective shots/total shooting 50%) ) and so on are ranked first alone. Coach Lee’s promise of hot attacking football before the opening match is the same.

Coach Lee finds the secret to Daejeon’s ability to overcome the limits of a promoted team in the player’s union. There is no ace responsible for more than 20 goals in a season, but 11 players in every game are in sync with each other as players who sacrifice themselves while playing even one more step for their teammates. Daejeon ranked first in 58 high turnovers in which the ball is stolen within 40m of the opponent’s goal, and in the process, it showed its potential by scoring 9 shots and 1 goal.

Coach Lee said, “Football is not about getting results just because there are a lot of good players.” I am getting results like this because I play soccer for my teammates.” He said, “In fact, we have to take into account that the composition of players that is suitable for soccer is not the one we put down. We have an aggressive team color,” he emphasized.

However, in the win-win situation of Daejeon, there is an opinion that not only the matchup in the first four games was good, but also the luck that the opponent was sent off twice. Director Lee’s thoughts are not very different. “I don’t think the current uptrend will continue,” he said. He said, “I will lose someday, and I am more interested in how to overcome that defeat.”

The first goal of Daejeon, which is on the rise, is obviously to remain in the first division. This may not be an easy goal in a situation where a maximum of three teams have been changed from last year to a structure that can fall into the second division. Coach Lee believes that if he wins at least 15 wins in 33 games before entering the final round, he can survive safely. Even in the home game against 2nd place FC Seoul on April 1, which is right in front of you, the goal is to win. Coach Lee said, “Our soccer will not change just because Seoul is the opponent. When I lose, even if I lose, I don’t play soccer in front of the fans. We will clash with our soccer.”

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