‘Another’ approach to Messi with ‘another Saudi money line’

There are many teams who are looking for Lionel Messi (36, Paris Saint-Germain). At the end of this season, quite a few teams are trying to approach him to be released as a free agent (FA). The same goes for Newcastle United, which is invested in Saudi Arabia.

Global sports media ‘ESPN’ said on the 10th (Korean time), “Newcastle United is a team that can recruit Messi in the Premier League. They are showing more than talent this season. It could be. Besides, Newcastle United is owned by Saudi Arabia.”

Messi joined Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona in 2021. He signed a 2+1 year contract at the time, and his base contract ends at the end of this year. After the ‘2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup’ was over, Paris Saint-Germain was likely to remain, but the atmosphere has completely frozen recently.

Messi crossed an insurmountable river while leaving to digest his schedule in Saudi Arabia. Paris Saint-Germain handed Messi a 14-day training and suspension for failing to reach an agreement with the club. Messi’s official apology seems to have lifted some discipline, but this incident has effectively ended the one-year extension contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

On the 9th, there was talk of a contract with the Saudi Arabian team. French news agency ‘AFP’ broke news that “Messi has reached an agreement with the Saudi Arabian team.” According to numerous local reports, it turned out that Al-Hilal offered strong and astronomical salaries.

Messi’s father and agent, Jorge Messi, said in an official statement, “I have never reached an agreement with any team, and I have never signed a verbal contract. It is all fake news.” According to reports so far, Messi is considering staying in Europe as one option.카지노사이트

His parents’ team, Barcelona, ​​is dreaming of ‘romance’ by bringing back Messi, but it is not easy. “Barcelona wants Messi back,” ESPN said. “If you imagine playing in Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League and competing with Real Madrid, it’s a pleasure. But unless Messi takes a massive pay cut, that’s not going to happen. It won’t happen,” he explained.

‘ESPN’ predicted Newcastle United as the candidate destination. Newcastle United is a team acquired by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. We are rebuilding the team with the goal of gradual team improvement and a championship competition team. Champions League qualification is also on the horizon. Coincidentally, Al-Hilal, who tried to bring Messi, is also from the Saudi Arabian team.

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