‘Announcement within this week’ Pochettino will eventually take the Chelsea helm

Former Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino is returning to the English Premier League. He is expected to take over the leadership of Chelsea. almost certain It is highly likely that an official announcement will be made within this week.

British media The Sun reported on the 25th (Korean time) that ‘Pochettino is about to be announced as Chelsea manager within this week’. Chelsea’s ‘finding a new manager’, which has been going on for almost a month, is finally coming to an end. Chelsea have been looking for a new manager since Graham Porter was sacked earlier this month due to poor performance. First of all, Frank Lampard, a former legend of the team, was entrusted with ‘interim manager’. Lampard showed the worst leadership and brought Chelsea to a dark age in a short time.메이저놀이터

Initially, it was a three-way match between former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann, former Spanish national team coach Luis Enrique, and coach Pochettino. However, coaches Nagelsmann and Enrique were out one after another.

Only Pochettino remains. Pochettino seems to have shown a good vision through a meeting with Boelli’s owner. In addition, the fact that he made good grades in London rival Tottenham is also a part of Boelli’s owner’s high score.

The Sun expects Pochettino to make an announcement as Chelsea coach within this week, and after the official appointment, he expects to bring a coaching staff he has worked with for a long time to Chelsea. Expect to bring Jesus Perez and Tony Jimines, as well as his son Sebastiano, who is a sports scientist.

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