Allegations of “punching and beating” placements, other juniors left placements alone

KT Wiz’s Bae Byeong-dae has responded to allegations of past bullying that have been spreading through the online community.

“I’m sorry for the trouble I caused to my fans with the issue that was posted online,” he wrote on his Instagram on Sunday. On April 16, an online community posted a story about a man who said he was beaten up by Baegudae. The alleged victim wrote that he punched, stepped on, and beat Myeong-chi several times, and that he gave up baseball after the incident.

He initially admitted to the incident, but denied the beating. “In 2012, when I was a sophomore at Seongnam High School, I participated in a training camp in Taiwan. At that time, there was a group slap led by the seniors, and I, the sophomore captain, gave the juniors a slap. I hit the juniors on the buttocks with a bat three times,” he said.

“I apologized to the underclassmen afterwards, and there was no further violence or verbal abuse. We have confirmed this with the juniors who attended the training camp with us, and many of them have expressed a willingness to come forward.”

“We sincerely reflected and regretted uncritically accepting the bad habits that had been passed down in the athletic department,” the team said, adding, “We initially tried to apologize and compensate the poster as much as possible, but we were unable to reach an agreement and will contact the party through an agent in the future.”

According to the club, it had already received a report from its ethics office in May. It was the same revelation as the one posted on the 16th, and the victim, Mr. A, demanded an apology and a settlement. As Mr. A was reluctant to face the squad, a club official and a lawyer met with Mr. A as a mediator and delivered the amount of the settlement requested by Mr. A to the squad.

Afterward, the team first expressed its desire to apologize to A, but after hearing this, A suddenly demanded more than ten times the initial settlement amount. Although the placement team was willing to apologize, it seems that they were unable to reach an agreement because Mr. A mentioned an unreasonable amount of money and judged that the meaning was fading.스포츠토토

In the process, Bae, who was sent down to the second team due to injury in May, stayed in the second team longer than expected. The club met with the juniors who lived with Byeong-dae during his time at Seongnam High School after the Clean Baseball report and confirmed that, as written by Byeong-dae, he apologized to the seniors and maintained an amicable relationship. The other juniors have been very supportive of the team, and we have secured several factual confirmations.

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