After taking over as official manager, Sedona returned to the ‘Land of Champions’ “The result is after the season”

 “I’ll tell you after the season (laughs).”

In his first season as an official coach, NC Dinos coach Kang In-kwon, who returned to the ‘Promised Land’, smiled as if he knew or did not know.

Coach Kang visited Sedona, Arizona, USA on the 12th (Korean time), a day of camp break. Located north of Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, Sedona is a small city famous for its beautiful natural scenery as a tourist attraction in the southwestern United States. In Korea, Park Chan-ho, the ‘Korean Express’, became famous as he visited this place during the off-season to receive energy. Afterwards, the story of a successful season after visiting Sedona was handed down among baseball officials and players who visited Arizona, and became famous in the KBO League. 토토사이트

As time passed, clubs and players who had hoped for good results in Sedona continued to cry in the opposite case, and their steps became less than before. However, Director Kang was an exception. In 2015, when I first visited Sedona, I threw a coin at a point near Sedona Cathedral as a Doosan Bears coach, and the coin was raised at once. That year, Doosan advanced to fall baseball in third place in the regular league, and beat the Samsung Lions in the Korean Series to reach the top. In 2020, he threw a coin in Sedona, which he returned to as the head coach of the NC Dinos, and succeeded in raising it narrowly. For Kang, Sedona has no choice but to become an unforgettable land of promise. You have to invest a lot of time in the 8-hour round trip by car from Tucson, NC’s campsite, to Sedona. As much as you have to invest the whole day on a golden rest day, it is difficult to move your steps with small resolutions. However, this year, when he took off the title of acting coach and welcomed him as a full-time coach, Kang moved to Sedona without hesitation in the spring camp that started again in Tucson.

Director Kang responded with a strange smile when asked if he had tossed a coin this time as well. He must have hoped that the good energy of the previous two times would continue again by tossing a coin this time. Regarding this, coach Kang laughed, saying, “I will tell you (the results) after the season.”

NC, which unfortunately turned its steps at the threshold of fall baseball after competing in the round of 5 last year, and coach Kang, who welcomes the new season as an official command tower, is looking higher. Director Kang said, ‘The Land of Victory’

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